The blogs I visit don’t ever have comments about blogging or not blogging, or guilty feelings over long pauses in blogging.  Well, except for this one.  But then maybe it’s because I’ve not only NOT been blogging, I’ve also not been visiting my friends blogs to hear them whine (I’m starting to see the wisdom in blogging even more clearly now!)  But seriously – I have this feeling of "what a loser am I – I can’t even keep up with my blog."  Even though Louise, who set the blogging hook that others had cast, said that I shouldn’t worry about when I can’t blog – to just do it when I could – but I still just love to torture myself obviously gain SOME pleasure with guilt.  Whether its warranted or not.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy blogging.  I do.  Although I find it freakily weird that people actually stop to see what I write.  But I get it when I go and read other people’s blogs.  It’s like people-watching in the airport.  It’s fun to see what other people are doing.  And blogging gives a little window into their world.  So I miss out on seeing what people are wearing most of the time on blogs.  But the great trade-off is I get to see what they’re thinking and doing – which is what I wonder about when I’m in an airport.  Blogging is deeper.  Airport people-watching you want to go and add "when you decided to wear that travelling" to the usual "What are you thinking?" question.  So here’s my plan.  Since my iPhone camera seems to be doing fairly well, I’m going to start doing little blog entries (well, right after this one, I mean).  Just sort of snippets.  Of the things that float through my life and head where I think "this is bloggable."  I’ll go ahead and blog it.  Just like writing a status update on Facebook, which I manage to do fairly frequently.  So there.  You can breathe a sigh of relief, or remove me from your reading list – whatever you choose.  I’m back.

You know I’m only back because it’s a stressful time of year, right!?  It’s like "What else can I possibly cram into this week!?  Oh wait, this is bloggable."

This has been my current dilemma:  Actually no.  This has been what I SHOULD be worried about, and am, on some level, or I wouldn’t have used it in my Facebook status either.  Now I’m blogging about it.  Maybe it warrants some analysis.   I bought these truffles at S*Ms club.  A 3-pack, that I might be able to use as gifts if the need arose.  They’ve been in my house for about 2 weeks.  This weekend I decided I should open one of the boxes, just to check them out.  If they’re disgusting, I certainly would not want to give them away. 

Well, let me tell you.  I won’t be giving any of these away.  They’re absolutely TERRIBLE.  Like melt in your mouth into buttery extasy.  Wonderful.  Delicious.  Completely non-shareable.  Well, except for single others who might be able to appreciate how divine they really are.  And worth the hour-drive to go buy the whole stock in case they aren’t available after the holidays terrible.  Ghastly.  Like a lump in your stomach because you have NO SELF CONTROL.  Gross.  Like maybe if I eat some yogurt or an orange, this heavy feeling might go away.  But oranges and yogurt aren’t melt-in-your-mouth delicious, so maybe I should have one more. . .. it’s sick.  Really.  I know.  I probably ought to have therapy.  Then I started to wonder (out loud, on FB) how many truffles are in one serving.  If any of you want to know, I recorded it here.

You can look and see, but please don’t tell me, because even though I asked the question, I truly do NOT want to know the answer.  Nor do I want to know what’s in these amazing orbs.  Unless of course S*MS has run out and I have to try to make my own.  Then I’ll take them to a lab and have them dissected and analysed so I can reproduce them.  Oh – but only half of one, because I’ll not want to waste an entire one on science.  Unless that science has it’s processing plant in my own body – like this is how chocolate travels from your mouth, down your throat and plants itself on your hips, butt, and stomach.  And thighs.

I’ve been so proud of myself, because my previous vice was this:


Laced with this:

in milk.  I had it daily.  Sometimes multiple times daily.  For YEARS.  And years.  And I finally gave it up this year.  Not because I haven’t tried before – it just didn’t work.  This year I got sick for a couple of days.  Really sick.  And couldn’t eat or drink anything.  And when I came out of it, I just didn’t feel like my coolers anymore.  There are still at least 8 boxes in my pantry, because I had to buy them in the big city – no local place would stock them.  I tried – believe me!  And the bonus was that I lost about 20 pounds.  Just when I quit!  I didn’t know I was losing weight till I went for a 6 month recheck at the doctor and my weight was vastly different.  I had to get on the scale a 2nd time just to check.  Hmmmmm.  What a wonderful thing.  Now I’m starting to worry.  How many truffles will it take to turn this thing around? 

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7 Responses to “Vices.”

  1. Jeannelle Says:

    Its true….what Louise said….just blog whenever you wish, otherwise it will be just another chore, won’t it.

    Blogging draws us in, as you say… connect with other people, I think…..not just to observe. TV can provide that. Blogging allows some interaction.

    So will you be like “twittering”…..I see that on some blogs….”Follow me on twitter”, it says. I don’t much about Twitter, maybe it doesn’t involve photoss.

    Sorry to hear the truffles were so awful. Send them my way next time!

  2. Bruce Says:

    This is like the 4th blog I have read this week were folks are lamenting that they just don’t have the time to blog anymore.. or that they have hit writers block. Just take a vacation……we will still be here when you get back.

    As for the truffles, you picked a heck of time to go cold turkey…the middle of the holiday season?

  3. CMK Says:

    Have you signed up for Twitter? Some say it’s a micro-blogging site. Your entries are limited to 140 characters!!!

  4. » Blog Archive » Organized People . . . Says:

    [...] And you KNOW those people aren’t going to be getting any truffles!! [...]

  5. Lady Fi Says:

    Those coolers don’t look very appealing to me.. but oh gosh! truffles – heavenly! I’m coming over to help you eat them up!

    And very good idea to do micro-posts when blogging. Much more do-able – and also fun to read!

  6. Maggie Says:

    I notice you have a VERY blurry photo posted of the nutrition facts. Very conVEEEnient, isn’t that? Don’t worry, this purging process is so good for one – makes more room for those terrible, nasty, sickly sweet irresistable little brown things that you CAN’T give away. Tis the season to be jolly, what!!

  7. Louise Says:

    FTLOGAATIH! (Ask Jennifer if you don’t know what that means.)

    Did you really think that BELGIAN truffles in a package that pretty might not be good enough to share? REALLY? Give them away NOW. Truffles are what gave me the hard time after Chicklet was born. (Actually during her gestation, but I needed extra calories then. Couldn’t break the habit, though.) Give them away and BEG S@m’s to not carry them anymore! Save yourself! You know I am not one to give lectures about living better in any way (Mrs. Wellness Guru), but I don’t care how wonderful these things are, it is way better to not have them around. You’ll gain FIFTY pounds back and sink into depression because of it and just need more.

    (As I sit here eating Sun Chips because they are the only salty things in the house after my overload of holiday treats and truffles!)

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