Very Vintage Christmas Swap

W A Y back in October my dear friend Louise blogged on a Very Vintage Halloween swap.  She told about the fun package that she received, and about the very cool one she sent.  So I decided to join in on the fun – except that Halloween was over and I don’t really get into Halloween at all.  BUT the very organized Heidi over at Foxgloves, Fabric & Folly posted a new swap – all about Christmas.  So I signed up, knowing I’d have PLENTY of time if I just started early.  I’m very happy to report that my package WAS sent before the deadline.  But not before my wonderful swap partner got hers to me.  This post is about the wonderful box I got.

I’ve participated in various swaps in my life – mostly to do with stamping where I make xx identical cards, send them to a swap hostess and receive xx different cards back.  This is done to grow a sample library – lots of cards to look at, copy, and share.  So this Christmas swap was a departure for me.  My swap partner was Yvonne of White Painted House.  What I really loved about the experience was the fact that I got to know a little bit about someone I’d otherwise never have the opportunity to interact with.  And I got to know her through the emails leading up to the swap, finding out about the things she enjoyed and did over the holidays.  And I got to know her even more through her interpretation of what I told her about myself.  The things she sent in the package are very clearly evident that she paid attention to my interests.  A dimension of what she included shows a part of her personality in the whole thing.  It was very fun.

Is there anything better than receiving a great big box with your name on it – something that you didn’t buy off eB*y or from some online catalog?  YAY!!!  The mail lady (does that sound weird to you too?) brought it just as I was heading out of the door.  I’m not known for my patience or restraint – so I broke into it immediately.  Of course I had to take pictures at each step, but the delay was WAY WORTH IT!!!  Guess what I got!??

A whole bunch of packing peanuts!!!  But poking through the peanuts was one of my all time favorite things.  STAMPS!!  Not only that, Yvonne found out about my absolute crazy addiction to anything CUTE and MINIATURE – and so the best thing of all was that the STAMPS were MINIATURE.  I was already thrilled.  But I didn’t let that amount of satisfaction stop me.  I dug through the peanuts and found these distinct packages.

  Don’t you just want to tear into this and see what the juicy stuff behind the lovely miniature stamps might be!?  But no – you’ll have to wait.  Because then there was this:

A beautiful box that definitely had SOMETHING in it.  And, as if these two surprises weren’t enough, there was also this:

Can I just tell you how much I love packages inside packages?  Looking back over my life, the gifts I’ve loved the most had gifts inside the gifts.  This box just helped me to realize that "out loud."  It was SO MUCH FUN.  Like a whole adventure in a box. 

In addition to those adorable and very useable tiny stamps, here’s what was inside the first package:



Very nice.  I love notepads.  And places to keep notes.  And paper.  Yvonne hit the nail on the head with this whole package.  But then came item #2.  The gorgeous (and suspiciously heavy) box.  I couldn’t wait to open it.  And here’s what I found:








AND . . . .

a perfect resource for people like me – those who LOVE to be creative, but who lack a certain – how shall I say – creative originality.  This is a LOVELY book – one I’ve paged through and planned with . . . but have yet to actually follow up on.   But wait – let me back up.  Did you notice that ADORABLE stocking?  Yvonne told me she really loves crafts . . . and on inspecting that stocking, I’d say she must do a fair amount because the craftsmanship on it is amazing.  I actually looked for traces of a tag indicating it was bought, but NO – I’m certain she made it.  And there are tiny bells on the ends of the green trim – too cute for words. I think she called it "wool felt applique" if I’m not mistaken.  It’s a craft I have not delved into, but I wouldn’t consider it too far in my distant future!!  And the cloths – the little hanky was peaking out of the top of the stocking – very cute.  And the table runner is beautiful – and perfect for holiday decorating.

You would think that this would be the perfect finale for my wonderful package, but it was not.  Inside that adorable little box, a clue on the contents was right on the lid – - – there were these TOO CUTE FOR WORDS ornaments.

Aren’t they sweet?  But wait – you’re missing something.  Each one has little stick arms.  Check this out.

  Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?  And although I can’t figure it out, I could swear Yvonne made these too.  I really need to broaden my horizons on the craft front.  I’ve been pretty well stuck in paper for a very long time. 

THANK YOU Yvonne!!  I would swap with you ANY time of year!!  Yvonne did a great job staying with the "vintage" theme of the swap.  I feel like I strayed a bit . . . but that’s just my personality.  Always the rebel, I guess.  I took photos of the things I put together for Yvonne too – and I’ll share those in another post.

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4 Responses to “Very Vintage Christmas Swap”

  1. Becky Says:

    Boy, did you hit the jackpot, so to speak.
    From beautiful to cute, she got it all.
    She’ll have to share how she made those snowmen. I’m kinda partial to snowmen.

  2. Jeannelle Says:

    A lovely post, Deirdre! The swapping sounds like great fun and a good way to experience the creativity of others. I love that you loved getting to know someone who you otherwise wouldn’t. A great perk of blogging……and, swapping!

  3. Louise Says:

    Woo hoo! What a haul! My favorite is the felt stocking. I’m enamoured with it. When you get into that craft, you can make one for me. I sent my swap a day late, but the one coming to me is shipping tomorrow. Yes, stray from paper. It’s fun. I’m into beading napkin rings right now.

  4. Lady Fi Says:

    Wow – what a wonderful package and packages inside packages. Stamps, snowmen, beautiful boxes … there is a heaven!

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