Japie – the transport


So we know that Japie arrived for the price of a pie.  But WHO do you imagine might be the broker for this donkey deal?  A shy guy?  Or maybe someone who has a questionable background and knows that a face on the internet might alert the appropriate authorities to his where-abouts.  We know that he definitely did NOT want is picture taken.  His motives for avoiding the camera are still under investigation – I’ll keep you posted.   Here’s what we got:


Whatever he’s hiding from, he is obviously kind enough to have found my very cute donkey, accepted a pie in payment, and transported Japie to our farm (I might owe an additional pie for the transport – but don’t tell anyone). 

Blackie was able to coral the donkey before we arrived.  Then he expertly moved the donkey to his horse trailer and off again at our farm.

Here I am trying to get Japie to eat a carrot – but he’s a bit distrustful.  Maybe he learned that habit of distrustfulness from the people he was associated with before moving to Gredemeer.

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