I Love Numbers


Those of you who have read my blog for a while or keep up with me on Facebook know that I love numbers.  I take photos of my odometer when I’m on the road and a cool number shows up.  And when I look down and see this:

I get slightly quite very annoyed.  Anyone riding in the car with me wonders if we have a flat tire, or if I forgot my phone or purse at home, or something else worthy of a loud gasp and an emphatic statement.  But I have learned to take it in stride.  I can anticipate the next good number, and often I actually can capture it ON the number, not a mile or two past.  Like this

  People make fun of me, but the more I talk about it, the more I realize that there are other people who appreciate symmetry in numbers.  And really – who wouldn’t!?  It makes perfect sense to me.  In fact, someone recently emailed me this photo.  Notice the odometer reading AND the speedometer reading.  I had to text back and inform this person to be careful of the pictures that get sent.  They might be used in harmful ways if placed in the wrong hands.  But it’s safe with me.  I’m just sharing it with a few personal friends, right!?

Well, today is an amazing day.  My dear friend Louise reminded me of it’s approach, and today it happened.  Check this out.  This morning at 5 minutes and 6 seconds past 4am, the clock and calendar said this:

04:05 06 07/08/09

Now THAT is a beautiful thing.

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UPDATE:  For those of you who don’t read through my comments, Madge pointed out an even COOLER number (can’t believe I didn’t see it coming . . . I must be slipping in my old age). 

12:34:56 7/8/9


Numbers I Love . . .again

Can I just say that this took me by surprise?  But it’s a wonderful thing.  Check out todays date:

2008 2008

This doesn’t happen very often.  Why have I not noticed it before?  Or maybe I did – and I just don’t remember.  There’s that little memory issue again.  If you need the background on this post – check out this post.

Anyway – just wanted you to enjoy the moment.  Of course. . . nevermind.  I won’t talk about the clock this time.

To make this a bit more interesting to the non-number watchers, I thought I’d add a picture of one of the Gredemeer barns.  This would be a great barn party place, if it weren’t full of hay.  And chickens.  Actually, just a rooster.  More about that another time.


Numbers I Love!!

 People who know me might  be aware of this detail:  I LOVE COOL NUMBERS.  And I like to share this love with people around me.  I am an avid odometer watcher.  I get a little antsy when a cool number is about to appear.  My phone is usually close by so I can capture the cool number at the right time – no matter what speed I might be going.  Before I had a digital speedometer I would actually have to speed up or slow down so that the speedometer needle wasn’t right over the top of the odometer number.  My kids don’t have any idea that this is a weird thing.  They don’t know any different.  They have become number lovers too and often ask me if a certain sequence is a cool number or not.  I tell them that they get to define their own "cool"   To me, cool is a pattern or symmetry.  So on an odometer 100101 might be cool because of the simplicity, but 101101 is even cooler.  They’re learning.  But this number-love has become a slight obsession.  Numbers that aren’t in a pattern can also be amazingly cool.  You have to start looking at thing differently.  0 and 8 are very good digits on an odometer because they are perfectly symmetrical.  1 is okay – but it leans a bit to the right, making the number spacing off just slightly.  Don’t laugh.  I don’t try to be this way.  It’s the voices in my head.  They make me do it.  Before I switched to blackberry, I used to MMS cool numbers to my friends.  They weren’t quite sure WHAT the picture they were getting was (at least not the first 3 times).

Anyway – all this to tell you that today is an amazingly good day.  Almost as good as July 7, 1977.  But the thing that today has that July 7, 1977 didn’t have is that the clock can play cool number games too.  See, it’s August 8, 2008.  If you write that in school, you’d write 08-08-08.  WOW!!!  (btw – WOW is cool too – perfectly symmetrical, which is hard for words to be).  And the clock plays too because it can be 8:08 on 08-08-08.  It’s really hard to be grumpy on very cool days like today.  

The only downer is that I wasn’t able to get through to my daughter at the Lake House to share the moment with her.  But I know she’s aware of the day.  And the time.  Because she’s my daughter and shares this crazy obsession.

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