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Actually, this is what I WANT to be – a stamping fool.  Nothing to do but stamp.  Wouldn’t life be grand?  My stamp room would be all orderly and neat.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  All adequately stocked and readily available.  And I could just create.  And create.  And create. 

The flaw in that little scenario is that the ability to create, like the ability to keep blogging, requires inspiration.  (and time).  Inspiration comes in the form of "life."  And if your life is stamping, the inspiration would no doubt dwindle.  At least it would for me.  So for now, I can just dream about a stamping life.  And in the crazy rush of the rest of my life, I can take some time to do some stamping.  It’s like a little oasis of therapy.  I LOVE it.

My friend Amber came to visit me last week.  It’s so much fun to stamp with fellow-stampers.  And Amber can inspire me (there are others who can too – they just don’t come over and visit. . . . Louise, Amy, . . . . etc.)  I have a list of stamping that I actually need to accomplish.  I got a great start on that when Amber was here.

I forgot to point out the stamping that occurred in preparation for the barn party.  Did you notice?  I stamped some invitations.  You can check that out here.  And then of course because I had so much help with that event, I stamped some thank you cards.  My newest toy tool is the "Big Shot"  It is a die-cutting machine.  One day I’ll do an entry on the "tools of stamping".  I actually need to do a little confession here.  Or two.  I purchased this "Big Shot" at convention in July.  And I’ve watched tutorials on how to use it.  But Amber had to come and do a little demonstration to get me going.  That, and inspiration, and time.  Okay.  That’s my first confession.  My next confession is worser.  I am using a non-St*mpinUp product with my Big Shot.  Ummm.  And I really like it.  It’s a C*ttlebug folder that embosses designs onto otherwise regular paper.  It used to really annoy me when I saw other people who claimed to be loyal company followers using these embossing folders.  And now I’ve gone and crossed over to their side.  I still have pangs of guilt over it, but that’s just until I see how fabulously cool it all goes together.  In my dream I imagine my company collaborating with their company and creating the ultimate – complimentary embossing folders.  That would be amazing.  But until then, I’ll just have to cheat a little (but do we HAVE to use that word?!!)

So here’s the thank you card I created.  It’s my first embossing folder creation:


My next project was to create invitations to Prince Farming’s Office Christmas party.  It’s a fairly formal affair, no kids and fully catered.  Over the years the invitations have varied in stamping-ness.  You’ll notice that this invitation has absolutely NO ink or stamped image.  It is a complete departure for me, but i loved the process.  I used a different embossing folder and the Big Shot with die-cut thingys for the bird (wings on both sides, thank you) and the word "peace"  I pre-printed the inside invite stuff to make it all "official" like.  Whatever.


While in the stamp room I just got on a roll.  Amber left.  But there was still inspiration left in me.  So I got a new "victim" who is perfectly enthusiastic.  Together, we created these little gifts – again, not a stamp in sight – for the kids in our church who are away at school (academy and college).

You can’t just make one.  You have to make a FLOCK of them (we have about 17 kids away from home).  Aren’t they cute?


Our church puts together packages to send to these kids – potluck style.  Everyone brings whatever they think of and we put it all in shoeboxes and wrap them up and address them.  Those kids have to know we love them!  It’s tradition to have a stamped card in there too.  Some people donate money to put in the card.  I had to rush through this job because of. . . life.  So these were done right before we put the packages together.

Here is the whole batch. . .


Next on my list. . . 50 cards for business referrals (for Prince Farming & his brother), and Christmas cards.  Haven’t done those in a few years (don’t act so shocked).  And a few gifts.  And the endless quest to a clear and organized stamp room.

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9 Responses to “Stamping Fool”

  1. hayseed Says:

    I don’t know a thing about stamping, but those sure are some gorgeous cards and projects!

  2. Louise Says:

    So proud of you! LOVE the owls. And also the “Peace” with the bird. No wonder you don’t have time. You mass-produce everything!

  3. Kyle Says:

    What a great idea, sending care packages like this to the kids away at school. I imagine that means an awful lot to all of ‘em.

    Love the owls. How hard are those to make?

  4. Becky Says:

    You have been a busy person…barn parties, cards, owls…
    I love all the little owl eyes!
    And everybody like to get packages!

  5. Amanda Coughlin Says:

    You’ve been stampin’, girl! Makes me proud to know ya as I was startin’ to wonder if Farm Chick was taking over Stamp Chick’s body!Great works and I was actually jealous that you and Amber were stampin and I couldn’t be there! :o ) Don’t let there be another stampin’ drought!

  6. PJ Says:

    These are beautiful and I’m sure that the kids who receive them will be thrilled. You’re a busy farmchik for sure.

  7. Lady Fi Says:

    Gosh – where do I start? I love everything – the cards, the owls and those darling little packages that you send to the kids who are away.

    The only stamping I’m good at is the one I do with my feet!

  8. Sally Hester Says:

    Hey, Deirdre…
    Allen and I were talking about you, Greg, and the kids the other day. How are you guys? I sent you a Christmas newsletter, but got it back. I hated not being able to hear from you again, so I googled you and found your cool website.

    Drew is an active duty combat medic in the Army at Ft. Brag now and married. Unbelievable! How time has passed so quickly from those El Paso days!

    Would love to hear from you sometime! Take care!

    Sally Hester & family

    PS> Your stamping crafts are amazing!!! I’m selling Scentsy (wickless candles)now…

  9. Dee Contreras Says:

    Thanks for that. We’re having a little potluck party next week, for Christmas I guess and I’ve been trying to find something special to take.. found some awesome ideas at this potluck recipes site. You know, someone should invent a website where you can write what you’ll be taking, and it would make sure no one brings the same thing!

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