Stamping Days


Seems like I’m a stamping fool these days.  Not that I have more time or anything – just a higher need for stamped stuff around holidays, I suppose.  And I’ve signed up for some stamping – just so I’d have an excuse to do something I love, and in some cases get paid for it.  I’ll share a few of my recent projects:


October was Pastor Appreciation month.  We generally do something for the entire family.  This year we got the kids each a gift card.  Here is the card I made to hold the gift card.

This is just a little card – can’t remember the exact dimensions, but something like 3" wide and 4" tall.  It’s made from a single strip of cardstock, so when you open it, it looks like this:

I totally copied this idea from Amy.  She’s got way more time on her stamping hands than I do on mine – so it’s a fair trade :-)   The card (or money, in this case) slides in a little slot created with a word-window punch, and the bit of folded up card is kept in place with brads.  Very convenient.

Of course, the pastor has 5 kids, so this is what I ended up with:

That was a midnight project.  Luckily they didn’t take too much thought or time.  The fronts of them are decorated with Designer Series paper and ribbon – only one little stamped image.  And another on the inside.  As an afterthought.


Another project that had to be mass-produced was a batch of cards for Prince Farming and his brother to send to people who send them referrals.  I also copied this one – but not as shamefully.  I don’t remember where the original idea came from, but I think I changed it enough to call it mostly mine.  Nothing I stamp is ever my own original idea though.  Just for the record.

Here’s the card front:

The inside goes like this:

I printed the cards on my printer – except for that little "thank you" – it’s totally and completely hand stamped.  Thank you very much.

And of course, the pile shot:

I used another set of Designer Series paper for the card fronts.  And the fold-down part is punched with a spiral punch – to make it look like it was torn out of a notebook.  Sort of.  The window for the "thank you" was punched with small and large oval punches.  And the little tab thing on the white card was punched with the "round tab" punch.  Lots of punching, a bit of gluing.  And voila.  Done.  I had a friend help me with most of the process – stamping is always better with friends.  Thanks Rhylma!


The next project is not stamped.  Not at all.  And it went together in like 5 minutes flat.  The original idea was shown at St*mpin’Up! Convention in July.  Then my friend Louise posted a copy on her blog.  And so I jumped on the band wagon and made one too.  Very fun.  And seasonal.

Excuse the flash on the glass-  couldn’t figure out how to get a decent picture without the camera and ceiling reflecting in the glass – the flash was a better alternative.  This was created with a shadow box, miscellaneous fall findings (fake) and a vinyl "rub-on" otherwise known as "Decor Elements" created for Home-Decor purposes.  Way fun.  Now I need to create something similar for the other seasons so I can create a corner just for seasonal decor.  Fun.


My next stamping will show the cards we’re making at my "stamp-a-stack" next Monday evening. (For the record, when I last blogged about this event, I thought it was coming up imminently – as in tomorrow night.  Part way through the week I realized that I had an extra week to work with.  There is absolutely NOTHING like the gift of time – it’s a wonderful thing.)  And of course I need to design and stamp our Christmas Cards for the year.  AND I’ve signed up for the "Very Vintage Christmas Swap" over at Foxgloves, Fabric, and Folly.  So there’ll definitely be some stamping happening there.  I’m excited about that opportunity.


Here’s wishing a happy week to everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.


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7 Responses to “Stamping Days”

  1. Maggie Says:

    You make it sound so easy! “5 minutes flat” for example – COME ON….are you kidding? They look so prefessional and like they took 2 hours each! Congrats on foolin’ me!!

  2. Maggie Says:

    Well, now, can I edit the above?? I see a couple typos…oh well :-o ! Serves me right huh?
    By the way, the gift of time is always a lovely surprise! That’s why I love the “Fall back” time when i’m always ahead…Too bad the good effects don’t keep going more than a few days, it seems! Then “Spring forward” hits ya and wham, we’re behind all the time again! But so nice to find you have an extra week – whew!

  3. Louise Says:

    You don’t do anything in half-measures.

    I’ve lost my “gift of time.” I have a stamp club tomorrow night (no clue what I’m doing) and stamp-a-stack the next night (also no clue). I kind of had it in my head that stamp-a-stack was on Thursday. I realized today that it wasn’t. #%&@!

  4. Lady Fi Says:

    Don’t know what stamp a stack is… but just love the way it sounds.

    All your cards are so wonderful and inspiring! Just love looking them…

    And yes, isn’t the gift of extra time just wonderful!

    Happy Stamping!

  5. Jeannelle Says:

    Your card creations are lovely! I’m seeing now that “stamping” involves much more than that….it includes many facets of card-making.

  6. Madge Says:

    love them all, you are amazing.

  7. don Says:

    shamelessly pinching ideas I love the October is pastor apprecation month so I am ‘borrowing that idea’ I love the cards I couldnt understand at first as you call it stamping but being a bear of very little brain I catch on very slowly xx Don

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