Organized People . . .


. . . . Make Me Crazy

Probably because I want to be one too

And I just can’t get it together.

You know who you are.  Your Christmas shopping is all done, and everything was wrapped and ready before December even hit.  AND your Christmas cards are handmade and mailed with perfectly matching holiday postage stamps.  Arggghhhh.   My Christmas list isn’t even complete.  I mean, I went shopping last week, and spent one month’s salary stipend in an alarmingly short period of time.  And while I suffered some amount of "AAaahhhhhh" over the bill that will be coming, I felt some satisfaction in being pretty much done.  A few online orders to place, and I thought I was SET.  But as the days have gone by, I’ve realized this small detail:

My LIST isn’t even done

Meaning, I didn’t have a complete list, so my shopping is not complete.

Unfortunately, all the money I’ve set aside for Christmas is long spent.  So, I’ll just have to THINK about the things I would want to give to the people who didn’t yet make it onto my list.  Because it’s the thought that counts, right!?  RIGHT?!

And you KNOW those people aren’t going to be getting any truffles!!


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5 Responses to “Organized People . . .”

  1. Lady Fi Says:

    I’m completely disorganized too!

  2. Jeannelle Says:

    I’m in your club, too……am just making lists today, and the way its snowing, who knows when I’ll make it to town. Maybe I’ll just go to the bank and get cash to hand to everyone. That might make me the most popular person in the room, come Christmas Day!

    I was always TOLD that, too…..that its the THOUGHT that counts, but…..try giving only thoughts for Christmas, and GOOD LUCK.

  3. Louise Says:

    My problem is that I never remember to check the list twice to make sure I hit everyone on it. I never have a shopping rush now because I buy what I need all year, but I always forget one or two people. Bloody stupid. I DO have some last-minute “handmade holidays” anxiety, however. Which is what I SHOULD be taking care of at the moment… I will soon.

    Try this for the future… make a spreadsheet of all the people that need to be on the list. Save it and update it at least annually, then you’ll always have a complete list. (If you can remember to check it.) It is really helpful for me because when I have to buy things for school/Pathfinder fundraisers, I just check that list and see how many people I can take care of from it with those items. (And therefore not send my kids out to sell things.)

    Being organized isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. It usually means you have more to do, so you STILL never get anything done in a timely manner.

  4. Becky Says:

    Yeah, I’m not done either. *sigh*

  5. Bruce Says:

    No tree for us this year, no presents either. On 12/23/08 we are packing up the suitcases and heading to Mexico…..we have had enough of Commerical-mass……

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