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We (my kids’ school) took a field trip to a nearby lake that happens to be in a cave.  I don’t really do caves.  There is a cave on my in-law’s property that is quite the destination, apparently.  There are huge rooms (I’ve heard) and slithery trails.  And endangered bats that the state protects by locking the gate every winter.  People LOVE going through there in the summer time (a perfect 60-degree hike in crazy hot summers).  I have never been in that cave.  Ever.  Not even when Prince Farming and I were dating.  Which is a bit of a sore point for some (a-hem) but I’ve set my boundary and I’m sticking to it (at least in this case).  Which wasn’t really well-thought-through on my part when I chose to go on this field trip.  ANYway, that’s not what this post is about.  I took some of the kids through the little tourist-trap gift store.  This caught my attention and tickled my funny bone.

So, now the record is set. 

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  1. Becky Says:

    Ha, I need one of those. It could stop so many of the disagreements that take place around here. tee hee

    And I don’t spelunk either. If I can walk in, I’m good. But I don’t crawl in anywhere.

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