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Every week I swear I’m going to blog more faithfully.  I mean, there’s so much going on – it’s not like I’m lacking for information.  But I have this feeling of needing to have "stellar" writing – something witty or amusing or clever.  And my life just isn’t that witty or amusing or clever.  So here’s the ramble.

This past weekend my kids participated in a choral festival in Georgia.  There were over 200 kids there from all over the place.  I went down with a friend to listen to their performance and was totally blown away by the quality!  Granted, their teacher here worked with them for the past several months so they’d be familiar with the music.  But bringing that hodge podge of miscellaneous groups together and getting them to sound like something decent is quite the feat.  Here’s a poor-quality iPhone shot of part of the group.

The empty chairs are where the strings came in during some of the pieces – they added quite a lot to the overall effect.  We drove home after the program – which means we got to bed somewhere around 1:30am.  Maybe that’s how come I feel so totally wasted today (my dad always said "you paint the week red on Saturday night – we were out on Friday night, but it’s having the same effect).


A project that has been looming for a little while is getting our chickens OUT of the garage and into a new dwelling somewhere on the farm.  I’ll take pictures of them soon – but just know that chickens do not take a long time to grow up.  Prince Farming is quite fond of his chicks and is worried about what wild life might not respect chicken life as much as he does.  I told him we might need to appease the Raccoon and Hawk gods with a sacrifice or two, but he’s wanting to take a chance without that pay-off.  Last Thursday we started working on getting the small barn ready for chickens.  It’s been a bit of a dumping ground since we moved here, so there is a lot of clean-up to do.  It’s not done.  I did spend some time helping to stack some HUGE logs.  They were HEAVY.  And after only 2 hours of work out there my back ached.  And my wrists haven’t been the same since.  We were going to do more work on the chicken house on Sunday, but . . . . I’ll have to tell you about that another time.  Brace yourselves.  It just might involve a cow story.


This week we have a cooking class – actually we call it a "Lunch & Munch" – don’t know where that term came from, but it’s stuck.  In my non-farm, non-home life, I am the coordinator for a Wellness program which is grant driven (not-for-profit).  We do all kinds of lifestyle classes, including smoking cessation, healthy living, dealing with diabetes, cooking classes, and wellness lectures in public schools, among other things.  It’s a fairly new program, and from year to year we never know how much work we’ll have to do (or get paid to do – there’s always a lot to do).  So tomorrow is a short class – we’ll do the same thing twice (11am and 12pm).  We have to have everything done in short order because people come through on their lunch hour and hope to get interesting information and a good meal out of the deal.  So today we prepped and cooked.  And we video-taped the demonstration so that people could be eating while they watch how to prepare the dishes.  I am also responsible for the recipe cards – had to get them printed, cut, and collated.  It’s been a FULL day.  And tomorrow will be the same.


Next week I have committed (advertised and everything) to having a Christmas Card stamp class.  I’m very excited about doing a class again – it’s been over a year already (can’t believe I said that out loud!).  So I needed to figure out what I’m doing so I could get an order placed so my materials would be here in time for the event.  I’ll post about that soon – I want to have the cards done so you can see what I’m up to.  It just added to an already full day today.  I placed an order.  I just hope I have thought it all through enough to have what I need.


This week is full speed ahead.  Thursday is going to get here and I’ll be ready to take a nap, but I’ll have the chicken thing to contend with.  Unless Prince Farming gets distracted by something more pressing.  One can only hope.  Although I’m REALLY ready to have those smelly things  (chickens) OUT of the garage.  It just doesn’t seem fitting to have 25 fully grown chickens roosting in the garage, does it?!


This about sums up my rambling post:





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5 Responses to “Just Ramblin’”

  1. Becky Says:

    Boy are you busy!!
    Sounds like life around here.
    Congratulations on teaching the class again. I know it will turn out well.
    And I can’t wait to get our chicken house so I can start shopping for chickens. (that just don’t sound right-shopping for chickens)

  2. Lady Fi Says:

    Wow – you’re busy! Good luck with the Christmas stamp binge you’ll be running… hope to see some photos of the results maybe?

    25 chickens in the garage – why not? If you’re not using it for cars, then why not for chicks?

  3. Louise Says:

    I like your motivational poster.

    I think Prince Farming needs to build a chicken house that “shuts tight.” (Like in “Pip Pip the Naughty Chicken.) Of course if you have to help build said structure, that won’t give you any Thursday relief.

    I’m having a holiday cards class next Tuesday. One of us should be on-the-ball so the other doesn’t have thinking up ideas time. I’m sure I’ll figure mine out on Sunday.

  4. Maggie Says:

    I like that poster at the end! Sure applies to me, I know.
    Wish i could have heard the music performance. It’s a neat idea to get all the schools together for one grand event. The strings and band do the same thing, i think. Good luck with the chickies – are you going to warn them that they’re moving? They might think they’re heading to the Purdy’s Chicken Soup plant if you don’t. You don’t want any chicken heart attacks now, do you? That would be messy…..

  5. Reluctantfarmchik Says:

    Becky – it is fun to shop for chickens – just ask P. Farming – he has a catalog that he endearingly calls “the chicken book.” You can choose what color eggs you want to have, and whether your chicks are “cold hardy” or not.

    Lady Fi – the problem is that we DO use the garage for cars. AND chickens. It’s a bit crowded (and smelly) in there. The chickens have to go. Soon.

    Louise – you and P. Farming are on the same page. He’s really needing a strong, sturdy, warm, and safe place for his chicks. You’ll approve, I’m sure.

    Maggie – your posts are always interesting – the very nature of your blog is reporting your life, and you do it well. There is a band festival that we’ll go to in the spring. It’s a great experience, for sure. I think the chicks will welcome the move – they’re spreading their wings and need more space. NO CHICK ATTACKS (heart ones) ALLOWED.

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