Is it Gray, or is it just Winter?


We’ve been lucky with fairly mild weather so far.  But now it seems to be turning colder.  And wetter.  Cold and wet are like friends who egg each other on to be a bit more extreme.  One by itself is ok.  Both together — they go way further than they’d independently dare.  And with the sun not being as high in the sky . . . it’s as if the supervisor has turned their back so that Cold and Wet can be even bolder.  It makes for a bit of melancholy.  Or does it?  Some people enjoy the long evenings.  Time by the fire.  The  opportunity to do crafts, or read a good book.  Or watch movies and play games together.  It’s like permission to NOT farm. 


But the problem comes when farming HAS to be done.  Then it’s cold and wet and dark, and you still have to get out there and put wood in the fire and feed the cows (do they even feel the cold?  It doesn’t look like it.) and chickens.  Chickens definitely feel the cold.  They all snuggle on the porch by the front door – collecting the heat that slides through the crack that was supposed to be fixed three years ago.  I can tell they’re there, because a collection of “chicken dust” always blows through in a certain pattern when the heat from the house isn’t strong enough to push against the cold air from the outside.  And chickens don’t lay many eggs in the winter time.  I wouldn’t want to either. 


And when there are evening things to be done (as there invariably are – like school board, and the other school board, and Pathfinders), it just seems like it’s way too late to be going out in the wet and the cold and the dark. 


I wonder how people do it where it’s perpetually dark, like for months on end.  I can’t imagine it’s just dark.  I think that cousin Dark is the worst influence on Cold and Wet.  Send in the sunshine!!  I’m not cut out for this.


You can join me in seeing all sorts of skies here. You might even see some sunshine!



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15 Responses to “Is it Gray, or is it just Winter?”

  1. Janis Says:

    Your post made me think of little creatures,Cold,Dark,Wet and their cohorts Windy,gusty and snowy!
    Beautiful post!

  2. Mark Kreider Says:

    I truly enjoyed your essay on winter. I’m happy to be inside and warm this evening even though it’s raining here too. We’ve got temps in the low 40s, warm for January.

  3. Al Says:

    Grey but still very pretty. We don’t get rain in the winter here, just snow, for at least 6 months of the year. But it is usually sunny.

  4. Amy Celona Says:

    Wow, good thing I am going to sunny San Antonio, Texas next week. You’d be going too if you weren’t a SLACKER…

    I like this mild weather, but in PA it looks like starting tomorrow it will be more seasonably cold (yuk).

    Wish Leadership was in Florida (or Bahamas for that matter)!

  5. Katiecam Says:

    Well it’s summertime in Australia and we have had snow on the mountain ranges in the southern state of Victoria this week. Two weeks ago we were sweltering in 40degreesC and they say next week will be the same but this week we have frozen and been rained upon.
    Thanks for your posts…I love your humour.

  6. Pauls Says:

    mmm…does look grey but I like those days too, its fresh and crisp, just hope you dont have to work too much. Take a nice walk and be patient March is around the corner soon it will all be alive with colour again :)

  7. CameraCruise Says:

    Beautiful post!
    Here it’s dark and wet.
    We’ve had so much rain here that some of the fields looks like lakes.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Sanna Says:

    Nice photos. The snow makes the dark easier to handle since it brightens the world. I still long for sunny days, even though I live far enough to the south to get daylight a couple of hours a day.

    Have a nice weekend =)

  9. LifeRamblings Says:

    it looks grey but beautiful landscapes. i live in a tropical country where it’s summer all year round so we only have dry and wet seasons.

  10. Jan K. alias Afanja Says:

    That’s grey indeed. But I am used to see grey skies. We have only had one sunny day this year so far.
    I hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend.

  11. Pieces of Sunshine Says:

    I’m guessing you would love living where I do in Australia. We have a wonderful mild winter in this part of the country and long hot (not too hot) summers. Lots of sunshine most the year.

  12. Carver Says:

    I know what you mean about wet and cold. It makes me want to curl up under the covers. I like the shots though. Grey days have their own charm.

  13. Sallie (FullTime-Life) Says:

    In Oregon, where we used to live, wet and cold just acted out all winter long. Our daughter and sil are among those who love the rain and the excuse to curl up by the fire and not work outside… Obviously, since we now spend winters in Florida, we didn’t feel the same.

  14. Max-e Says:

    Lol. That is not my favourite weather, but fortunately we have a very temperate climate in Port Elizabeth.

  15. Mirage Says:

    I’m not a person for this kind of weather too and that’s what were having save for some snow yesterday and a sun today, I love it when the sun shines on snow. Enjoy your weekend!

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