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On Wednesday I went for a walk (for exercise and wellness) with some of my relatives – they walk a lot, and sometimes I join them.  It had rained really hard all night.  REALLY hard.  I mean, a LOT of rain came down.  Ad being in a mountain/valley area, the water patterns make for interesting living.  You’d think that after the rain the water would be mostly gone.  But that’s just when the water starts appearing with a vengeance.  All the run-off fills every conceivable dip in the ground – the path of least resistance.  I took some iPhone shots again to share.  This is becoming a habit, maybe.  As long as the pictures turn out okay, I’m fine with it.  Don’t ask me to zoom in or anything though.  It’s less functional than the original PHD camera (Push Here Dummy).


Here’s a picture of the corn field.  Obviously the corn is long gone – but here it looks more like a rice paddy might look.


Here’s another one -

That flow of water at the top of the picture is normally there – but it’s not looking so normal in this shot.  "Normally" you can’t see water from this perspective.  The stream is WAY high.  With much more rain it will be covering one of the bridges to get onto our road.


This is the road to my parent’s-in-law’s house.  The stream flowed over the lane for a long time – but a year ago they put a culvert in.  But this rain is stretching the culvert’s capacity just a bit.  Here they were finding their way over the stream without getting wet.  Sorry it’s so blurry . . . the iPhone is only as good as its operator.


When I was leaving from the walk I saw these images that I thought you’d enjoy:

This barn was originally on my parent’s-in-law property – before they moved or built.  That means it’s more than 40 years old – and Prince Farming says it looked old then too – so maybe it’s close to 100 years old.  How can you tell?  Anyway – it looked quaint with the misty fog.  Just down from the barn is the entrance to their place – this is with me exiting their farm:

Obviously they’ve been farming for way longer than we have.  Their fences are all solid.  And, well – THERE.  They HAVE fences.  The exterior fences around our place are still waiting to be put up – and they probably will not look like this at all.  Hmmmm. 

Coming to our farm, here’s what our vegetable patch looked like:

Yep – the space to the left of the barbed wire fence across to where the grass begins is where Prince Farming planted tomatoes and potatoes. (The summer before last)   It’s a bit overgrown and neglected – and maybe that’s a good thing, considering what happens when the rain comes down!

And here’s the same field you saw in my haying pictures:

This picture is looking up towards the pond -it’s right near the top left of this shot.  Looing down from my kitchen window right now there are multiple pond-looking spots.  All equally muddy.  The rain just keeps coming.  And tonight is supposed to be Prince Farming’s office Christmas party.  And I’m supposed to wear something other than cover-alls and a hat.  Ugh.  Can’t we just stay near a fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate?  I guess today this farm chik isn’t all the reluctant, huh?


You can find more views of sky and places from around the world here at Skywatch Friday.

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30 Responses to “iPhone Flood – Skywatch”

  1. Merisi Says:

    This is an amazing series of beautiful pictures, very very interesting! You are a walking advertisement for an iPhone camera. ;-)

  2. PJ Says:

    Ooey gooey! I love visiting my in-law’s farm but don’t miss dealing with mud when it has been raining. You got a couple of great shots of the country side on your health walk.

  3. Susan Says:

    LOL Sky on the ground! I love these photos–it looks like OUR place.

    Country walks are wonderful; thank you for sharing yours!

  4. Dewdrop Says:

    I’m amazed at the quality of shots your phone produces… WOW! Some rain you got there… I think the delays are very interesting in the flooding.

    My favorite shot is the barn. Terrific, all of them.

  5. Musings from Hawaii Says:

    We’re really getting pelted by rains in Hawaii right now, too. I love seeing your photos. They are so beautiful.

  6. Hildegarde Says:

    “Water with a vengeance” : almost a movie ! :-) Good series.

  7. Photo Cache Says:

    Love all of them, but the 5th and 6th photos, I would like to hang those in my house. Oh so pretty. Love love love it.

  8. Ilana-Davita Says:

    They’re all great but the one with the barn and the next one are my favorite.

  9. fishing guy Says:

    Dee: I really enjoyed the reflections on the first shots. I thought the dog was a log in the stream until I focused. That certainy made it a surprise.

  10. Louise Says:

    Don’t. envy. you. But my house is cold. Like an iceberb. Even PC is complaining. Guests tonight, though, so I’ll turn up the heat a little!

    I like rain. But I don’t like muddy water.

  11. Quietpaths Says:

    You’ve had some heavy weather! I love the muted quality to your photos in this walk about. A wet walk but it looked refreshing.

  12. East Gwillimbury WOW! Says:

    I GUESS it rained hard. Look at all that muddy water!

  13. bowledover Says:

    Lots and lots of standing water, may it run off soon for you.
    The colours in your pictures are soft and warm looking.
    I hope that I look as strong as that barn, when I am as old as it is.

  14. Pearl Maple Says:

    Great photos, love a bit of mist and fog and rain to make for interesting views. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  15. Becky Says:

    I have one of those PHD cameras too! Love it!!
    I love the picture of the barn. Thanks for sharing it!

  16. mary Says:

    Wow, that is a LOT of rain! Love the fog pics — they are always my favorite. Happy SWF. :)

  17. TCKK Says:

    Great pics. I especially love the one with the barn!

  18. Sue Says:

    What a lovely area you live in, even though the water floods in places.

  19. Erin Says:

    great series of shots of the flooding…that must have been some rain storm to have that much standing water…my goodness.
    no doubt in a day or so you will not even know it rained?
    thanks for sharing with all of us.

  20. Carletta Says:

    You do have beautiful country all around you and the water will go down.
    I loved all the images you’ve shared.

  21. Arija Says:

    I was wondering a bit about the reluctance for a while. I’m only ever reluctant to leave the farm.

  22. Dirkjogt Says:

    Looks like a lot of rain felt down. Not many farms have a swimming pool :-)

  23. Lady Fi Says:

    The woods here look like your pictures at the moment… rain, rain and rain, although the north of Sweden is cold and snowy. Lucky them!

    I do love your pictures!

  24. Angel Says:

    oh my! I didn’t realize you guys had so much rain! It feels like we have had a lot – but not like you. Hey – maybe if you are “lucky” that water will cross the bridge to your house. You’ll be stuck, unable to go to a dressy party and stay at home with your cocoa and book. Good luck with that. Hope you are on the correct side of the bridge.

  25. Laura Says:

    WOW looks alot like here we have had so much rain in the last month… fantastic photos! Happy SWF

  26. Gretchen Says:

    Your phone takes great shots! Happy SWF!!

  27. Geoff Says:

    Great collection of images. A very Interesting set. All great shots! Good luck in cultivating your rice!

  28. Maggie Says:

    I love the shots and the countryside around you – enough to actually take a decent walk in the first place – helps to have relatives nextdoor and the corresponding land that goes with it! I love the way nature and being outdoors re-sets one’s compass and perspective on life – we all need to do more of that, I’m sure! Enjoy!

  29. Jeannelle Says:

    Your shots are fantastic…..truly, just beautiful! I love the reflections. Thanks for going along on the walk!

    Hope you had fun at the office party. I’m glad, actually, to not have anything like that to attend. The cows do throw something like a party most everyday…..

  30. Judy Says:

    You have been having a spot of rain, have you! Maybe if I say that having the ground saturated will be good for the crops next summer! Means the water table will be high.
    I like the reflections of the trees in some of the earlier shots!
    Keep dry!

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