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Stop it – I told you I was going to post some stamping.  Here’s a card I made for Prince Farming for our Anniversary – way back when I started blogging (okay,  not THAT far back – it was July of this year). 

This card is a departure from the norm because a) it’s fairly plain and simple, b) there’s no paper involved and c) there’s only one layer and NO ribbon.  I also don’t normally use metal hinges to create the spine of a card. It is within acceptable norms, because a) I used stamps and ink;  b) There is one layer;  c) it is embellished (hardware); and d) it is embossed (a process through which color crystals, adhered to a surface with embossing ink, are heated / melted, giving a "raised" impression of the stamped image).

This card was copied "verbatim" (as far as my memory serves) from a card I saw demonstrated by Brent Steele on the Stampin’Up! Bermuda cruise (April ’08).  So it also meets my normal criteria because it is "cased" (copied and shared) as are all of my creative endeavors. 

Cutting the sheet metal was a bit of a stretch because I was trying to keep it a surprise for Prince Farming, and I couldn’t find the right tool (it was way down in the shed – HE knew where it was, but I couldn’t find it in any of the tool boxes here at the house).  I ended up heating it up (with my heat-gun) and then trying to snip through it with something he brought home from the hospital (why they need industrial-looking snips, I’m not sure.  They definitely WEREN’T suited to what I was cutting, but they did work).  Then I had to file the edges so no fingers got sliced.   And I used a "Crop-a-dile" to make the holes for the hinges/brads and to make the "shot marks" through the road sign (that’s what signs look like around here – why do people shoot signs?).  I also distressed it with my little pliers – just for effect (and to copy Brent’s card).

I think this card was a good choice for my first real "card" share because I’m feeling rather manly with all the farm work I’ve been doing for the past week.  Hay is almost done (just needs to be hauled to the barn).  My life is going to settle down a bit now that it’s done.  Besides, my kids are leaving for Outdoor School for a week.  My plan is to dig out my stamp room.  If that happens, I’ll show you before/after shots next week. 

Happy Stamping Sunday!

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4 Responses to “Gasp!! A Card”

  1. Madge Says:

    OK. That is just to freaking cool. You almost (ALMOST) make me want to try stamping again.

  2. Louise Says:

    I WANTED to make this card for Prince Charming, but that would have required going somewhere to buy the stuff, so my lazy self did not get to it. So impressed with yours. It looks exactly (according to my memory) like the original! Am hoping to see before and after pictures!

    I stamped today. I. LOVE. IT! I can’t post it until October 8, but it’s getting shipping tomorrow, so I might (if I’m not too lazy/busy) e-mail you pictures. It’s not an original idea, but the design is mine, and I love it!

  3. Milena Says:

    I think it is simply a superb card. What amount of work you put into this! What did the Prince say?

    On another note, thank you ever so much for the comments you have been leaving on my blog. For the moment, I have internet connectivity again though we are still out on the electricity front. Today marks the 10th day. I’m beginning to truly despair. We do have a generator but it only affords minimal power to the basic things (one of which is this computer and my now functioning modem). In any case, thank you so much Louise for caring and commenting. Your words were much appreciated.


  4. Melissa's Cozy Teacup Says:

    Industrial hosp snip probably to remove staples from those docs too lazy to do stitches.

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