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One of my brothers and his wife are visiting for Christmas.  It’s so much fun having them over.  One of the things we (especially my kids) have been anticipating is his taking us flying.  He is a flight instructor and he promised to fly us over the farm and the area.  We were going to go out on Tuesday, and he took his check-flight and everything, but the plane he had reserved was broken (they found out when they were still on the ground).  So we stayed safely down.  Wednesday was rainy and not great for flying.  SO, the plan to post a flying Skywatch was nixed.

SO, the backup picture is one my daughter took with her new Christmas camera.  Just this morning.  Over the farm.  And the cows.  And the not-lately-seen pond.  I know you’ve been missing it dreadfully.  The sky is perfectly clear today.  Would be a great flying day, but we’ll be stuffing ourselves and enjoying family and opening presents.  Hopefully the weather obliges us tomorrow so next week you can have a fly-sky-watch.

You can see other Christmas Sky pictures from around the world by visiting here.  Maybe you can join too – so we can see YOUR sky!

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22 Responses to “Fly-free Sky”

  1. Steffi Says:

    This is a very beautiful picture!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I love the autumn colours and I’m loking forward to the flying pictures :)

  3. Leora Says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to take pics from on high, but this is a wonderful view of your farm. Peaceful and welcoming.

  4. Becky Says:

    Sorry about the foiled plans.
    Merry Christmas from the crew at Twisted Fencepost!

  5. SandyCarlson Says:

    That sure is a wonderful photo, even if it’s not what you intended. Very nice!

  6. Erin Says:

    lovely shot…
    happy holidays from botetourt county virginia.

  7. Jeannelle Says:

    Lovely scene, but disorienting for me since all I see out my window is SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy SkyWatching!

  8. Sue Says:

    Tell your daughter thanks for the wonderful photo! She did a great job! I love your pond, too!

    Merry Christmas,

  9. Arija Says:

    Your daughter takes a mean picture, is she planning her wn blog?

  10. soulbrush Says:

    what a lonesome spot…whew, not usre i could handle it. like your blog a lot, you say plenty in few words.

  11. Afanja Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t take off to make some shots from above. On the other hand it’s great the plane was out of order before take off. :-)
    It’s nice to see your pond again.
    I hope you’ll fly one of these days.
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays.

  12. Madge Says:

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas. and yeah, i missed the pond.

  13. Denise Says:

    Merry Christmas one day later. I enjoyed your lovely photo and that pond too!!! You can send as many pictures of it as you want because I wish I had a pond on my place like that, believe me. It’s a beautiful pond! Happy New Year.

  14. Dirkjogt Says:

    NIce sky, looking forward to your fly-skywatch!

  15. Margy Says:

    We haven’t seen a good flying day since I can remember. Besides, our plane is in the hanger waiting for a new throttle cable. We discovered it on the last good flying day, of course. I invite you to come visit my “Sunshine Coast” snow warning. — Margy

  16. Larry Jordan Says:

    Hello Deirdre, beautiful shot of the pasture and the pond. That pond looks mighty cold! I am looking forward to some captures from the plane! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

  17. Pearl Maple Says:

    Lovely photo of the horizon from your place. Always interesting to see what folks find to share with us for Sky Watch Friday.

  18. Julia Says:

    Cool shot. Looks very pretty even from the ground.

  19. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    Such a lovely and clear sky. Even though a flying SKW would have been absolutely smashing this one is a nice photo too and it’s lovely that it was taken with your daughters new gift camera.
    Whishing you happy sky flying and a happy new year too.

  20. Lady Fi Says:

    Christmas has been saved: at last, a picture of the pond!

  21. don Says:

    Yippee the pond….. only joking hope all went well cant wait for the piccies from the sky. Don

  22. Jeannelle Says:

    New Year blessings to you and yours, Deirdre!

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