Finally Friday


Or maybe I should say "finally skywatch."  I’m reluctant to post (more reluctant about that than being a farm chik at this point), but am being sucked in by the amazing shots I’m seeing as I scroll through the skywatch list (1st time in many moons, it seems).  Your photos inspire me.  So I’ll share too.  No pond today -it’s still out there, just not recently photographed, I don’t think.  Let’s see what’s on my my desk top.

Oh yes – this was when we were clearing behind (actually in front of) our house.  We also needed wood for our outdoor furnace (that heats our home and water during the winter).  My son and I started this fire with all the scraps – the stuff that isn’t worth hauling over to the furnace.  Great fun.  We’ve had several big fires lately.  Luckily all of them controlled and contained.

Let’s see if there’s a sky picture somewhere.

Yes – this is on the way back from the in-law’s.  The horse mail box is just out of sight to your right.  I took this shot because of the amazing moon hanging out above the cloud, but my iphone camera doesn’t have a zoom (or any other feature other than "click") so the clouds are more impressive than the moon.  And the partial wooden fence adds character too.

You can see more amazing sky pictures from all over by clicking here.

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  1. Louise Says:

    YAY!!! Imagine how happy I was to reload the SWF page and see YOU!

    I miss fires in the woods.

    The clouds are pretty. I wouldn’t have seen the moon on my own (the clouds DID steal the show), but since you mentioned it, I saw it. I definitely understand why you would want to take the picture.

    I’m OK without the pond, but it is probably pretty this time of year. Smooth surface?

  2. Tanya Says:

    We love having big bon fires like that too. Your skywatch photo is beautiful! Happy swf :)

  3. Photo Cache Says:

    Glad to see you again on the sky watch list. Missed seeing your version of the sky.

  4. david mcmahon Says:

    Fire has been an all-too familiar sight for us in Melbourne since 30 January. Today is another high danger day, so I have my fingers crossed ….

  5. bowledover Says:

    HI and I am glad you are back.
    In the write up of your picture, you did not credit yourself with capturing the sun caressed distant hill tops.
    The dense greenery which we have so little of now.
    And the lovely person who took the photos for us to see. Thank you and please post more of your home area.

  6. kallen Says:

    Lovely landscape sky photo. I love all the colors

  7. Ida Says:

    Welcome back. :)
    Nice shots and words to your fellow Sky Watchers. ;)
    Happy Sky Watch! :)

  8. Today's Blah... Says:

    Hmm…I like that first photo with the fire, looks so warming huh. The second photo is amazing, I think I see some jet that just passed by…:)

  9. Jew Wishes Says:

    Great photos…the second one is so serene and lovely.

    Thanks for sharing your clearing shot with us!

  10. Reader Wil Says:

    Hi! you’re back again, that’s great. Nice photos! Thanks for your visit and happy SWF!

  11. Reader Wil Says:

    I am glad you are back and showing us your wonderful world! Happy SWF!

  12. Champ Says:

    I love that second shot – so peaceful!

  13. Abraham Lincoln Says:

    Like your photos. The fire one is neat. Looks like you have good fishing when it gets warmer outside. Nice post.

  14. FickleMinded Says:

    i love the second photo, it’s amazing!!!

  15. tckk Says:

    I like the 2nd photo. Nice!!!

  16. angela Says:

    The clouds are lovely but so is the sunlight on that far away hillside..

  17. don Says:

    RFC great post I love fires in the woods my brother used to cut wood when I was about 10 and I used to go find him and loved the fires of the rubbish and trimmings they have a special smell THANKS FOR SHARING I really mean it well done XXX Don and an extra XX

  18. chanpheng Says:

    Nice shots. I can imagine the smell of the forest and the woodsmoke.

  19. Laurie Says:

    That’s a very beautiful photograph. I like the one of the fire and smoke and trees too. Have a good weekend!

  20. Jeannelle Says:

    Love that glowing hilltop or mountaintop in the background beneath the clouds. Lovely! Happy SkyWatching!

  21. Linda Says:

    The moon balancing on that cloud really makes this fun. And beautiful colours too.

  22. Geoff Says:

    Picturesque! Very nice, Reluctant! Great photo, and with a phone!

  23. Dewdrop Says:

    Gorgeous! Hope all is well. Love your trampoline story. Life with weather…

  24. Rose Says:

    Love that last picture here too!

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