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Have you noticed how family gets involved in skywatch?  We’re driving along, or eating a meal, and one of the kids says "Hey – look at that!  It would be great for Skywatch, mom!"  And they run get a camera.  And hand it to Prince Farming.  Isn’t that funny?  And cute?  Actually I like it.  It’s like they’re taking interest in what I’m doing, like I take interest in what they’re doing.  And they hand the camera to Farming because my hands shake.  Like leaves.  So he gets steadier shots.  You all liked his pond shot a few weeks ago, so here’s a moon shot he took too.  (You know about me and moons . . . the photographing of them, I mean!!)

Actually what the kids were WANTING you to see is that there was ice/snow on the trees.  So that grayish hue isn’t fog – it’s ice.  Not as spectacular as in real life, but we can pretend that the moon was the real focus, and that makes it okay.


I’ve promised to be brief in my posts (to you AND to myself).  But I can’t resist this one (since I didn’t post yesterday).  Part of the season’s busy-ness is due to school programs and the like.  Here is a shot of the piano recital.  Both kids played in it, but the camera only worked during our favorite child’s performance (that’s what I tell my son, anyway).

Poor boy – he’ll need therapy as badly as his mom does before he grows up . . .


Happy Skywatch Friday!  You can see more skies from all over the world by visiting Skywatch Friday. 

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22 Responses to “Family Skywatch”

  1. Quietpaths Says:

    That moon; it was fantastic and Farming did a great job. The colors are vivid.

    Piano recitals… ah. I used to teach piano. I don’t have to do that anymore.

  2. Champ Says:

    Great shot … the one of your ‘favorite’ kids is precious.

  3. Klaus Says:

    Beautiful with that bright moon! Great SWF! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. East Gwillimbury WOW! Says:

    Nice shot, even if the kids were pointing to the ice on the trees! Happy Sky Watch!

  5. Photo Cache Says:

    Photo is really nice. Happy Christmas to you and yours. Nice to have the kids interested in your undertakings.

  6. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    Very beautiful image of the frosty trees and the pink of the mountain behind them. See I did notice the trees first. The moon just crowns the image and makes it perfect.

    A happy holiday season to all your family.

  7. Leora Says:

    I like hearing about your family. My family gets involved by saying, stop taking pictures! But they do notice the skies a bit more, as I’m always pointing out the colors of sunsets. Happy SWF!

  8. Becky Says:

    I LOVE it when the family gets involved. It makes it so much more fun.
    Love the picture, all of you. Cause you all had a part in this post!
    Wish I could play piano.

  9. Sue Says:

    My kids are grown and out of the house, and my husband is kind of in awe or shock of all my blogging. He spends lots of time doing whatever it is he does on the computer next to mine, so we have lots of time near each other. LOL

    I am having fun looking at the sky every chance I get.

  10. kayleen Says:

    nice skywatch photo. thankfully piano recitals are a very distant part of my past. how i hated them!

  11. Pearl Maple Says:

    Nice photo for sky watch friday with all the color going on. Sweet photo of the family, music is a great thing to share. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  12. Arija Says:

    Lovely full moon. I wouls so like to have seen the iced tree, maybe next time. Great to see children playing music. Our youngest granddaughter auditione for the State youth orchestra with a broken wrist and feared she had no chnce, but got in none the less She plays the violin.

  13. mary Says:

    You are too funny! I’m sure your son will turn out just fine. Congrats to Prince Farming on the moon shot — beautiful! Happy SWF. :)

  14. Laurie on the Prairie Says:

    I knew that was ice … but then I’m from The Prairie and making ice candles as we speak. Have a great weekend and thanks for posting a great Sky Watch photo.

  15. Judy Says:

    I love that photo of the moon. The pink on the hills, and the blue of the trees, and the moon shining down on both!
    And it is December, so the trees have to be covered with snow and ice!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Erin Says:

    a nice shot…thank you for sharing.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Robin Says:

    Brrrr! Chilly moon!

    It’s a fantastic shot of both moon and ice.

  18. Fishing Guy Says:

    Dee: What a neat story and photo. Thanks for sharing the kids talents.

  19. Lady Fi Says:

    Love the photos.. that moon is perfect!

  20. Dewdrop Says:

    I love it when the family gets involved! It warms my heart to have gtb say, hey what a great sky watch sky… One day, he actually referred to me as his wonderful sky. Now, that’s a compliment that really speaks to me! Great shot. Try to stay warm!

  21. ViennaDaily Says:

    ahahaha yes, I know, my kids would tell me “Mom, get the camera take a photo of that!” Or “mom take a photo of me!” or “Did you took a photo of that?” lol.

    The kids now know what beautiful is beacuse of us. Enjoy!

  22. Louise Says:

    Prince Farming can take a decent moon shot!

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