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It’s hard to believe this is my 12th Skywatch post!  In some ways I feel like I’ve been watching the sky for way longer than a few months.  In other ways I still feel like such a newbie/amateur.  But skywatching is in my blood now.  Not a day goes by without some sky observation – whether out loud, or just an internal conversation (you know – with the voices).

I was heading out the door on Sunday and Prince Farming said "if you want a cool sky picture, you should take it now" (or something along those lines).  My arms were full of stuff – so I handed him the camera, and this is what he got.  I always enjoy how the mist hangs around here in the mornings – but these layers were particularly interesting and appealing and mysterious.


Last weekend we were driving into an amazing sunset.  By the time we could pull over for a shot it was too late to see the fantastic display, but I got this picture.  I love silhouette shots (probably because with this kind of light and my kind of camera – and my kind of skill – that’s all I can get).  This isn’t stellar – just a sort of "happy spot" for me – so thanks for obliging me.


This one didn’t turn out too badly – still silhouette-ish though.


The light in the late afternoons has been stunning – really highlighting the awesome colors.  I keep threatening to go for a "walk-about" to get some different fall shots.  But here is a familiar view – the light makes the place look less like a farm and more like a park.  Or it would, if I knew how to take this shot differently.  How blessed are we!?


That pile of something near the tree is where Prince Farming is digging out a tree stump.  Aren’t you glad that tree isn’t there anymore?  You wouldn’t see much of the pond if it were.  The stump was a bit hazardous to the equipment.  Prince Farming had borrowed a little excavator (you remember – for the barn plumbing job) and tried to dig around the stump enough to get it out.  No luck.  He’ll have to wait his turn with the dozer to get it out the rest of the way.  And the cows have moved to the far field – those black specks in front of the far tree-line is part of the herd.  They seem to be loving life.   Last week I saw them run – just for the sake of it.  Don’t know if it was to warm up a bit, or because something spooked them.  I looked for dogs, but saw none.  They just sort of took off.  Too funny.  The herd is going to double some time this month – our farmer friend "Uncle Robert" has been holding on to a small herd for us.  When it’s convenient he’ll load them up and bring them over.  I hope their introduction to our farm is less blog-worthy than the current herd.  You were spared the details because they came during my pre-blogging life.  But they inspired me to start blogging because of all the adventures (and mis-adventures) they created.


You can see more amazing sky pictures from all around the world by visiting here.


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43 Responses to “Fall Skywatch”

  1. Lady Fi Says:

    WOW! Those pictures are just stunning! I love the way Prince F captured the veils of mists in the first pic, and the silhouettes in the second picture are very atmospheric.

    Please do post about some of the misadventures of your naughty herd – sounds like it could make funny reading.

  2. Becky Says:

    Beautiful pictures! Your fella must a good one, to notice the beauty and point it out to you. My Captain is that way.
    Can’t wait to hear about the new herd!!

  3. Louise Says:

    Your skies are pretty. I love silhouttes, too, but don’t have a lot of trees to work with here!

    The afternoon lighting is wonderful. The light here is as well, but being a little farther south (maybe not farther than you, but than Missouri) and about 3000 feet higher, it’s not the same as I’m used to. Yours looks more like the Missouri light I grew up with.

    I need to figure out what I’m going to post today!

  4. Dewdrop Says:

    Deidre, Absolutely love that you’ve got Prince Farming looking at the sky. I think there is a beauty in people taking a second to see the amazing portrait God has created for us to enjoy. He was right, it was a magnificent shot! Way to go Prince Farming!!! Deirdre, my silhouette kindred spirit. Great shots! Love the layers of color in the first silhouette. Awesome!

  5. Photo Cache Says:

    Oh my golly. I simply adore the first image. It’s waaaay too beautiful. This feels like a scene out of a movie. I love love love it.

  6. Brad Says:

    Great photos but the first one is my favorite, well done.

  7. Pat - An Arkansas Stamper Says:

    Prince Farming did a great job capturing the mist in the hollow. Lovely! You live in a beautiful place.
    Thanks for dropping by my SWF post.

  8. Tanya Says:

    Just beautiful, all of them! Happy skywatch :)

  9. East Gwillimbury WOW! Says:

    Looks like you’ve kept your eyes on the sky this week. Nice photos. ;-)

  10. Dirkjogt Says:

    Yes, I’m looking at the sky all week long. Again great pictures, I love the first one with the fog the most.

  11. bowledover Says:

    A film producer would love the first picture as I do.Its full of mood.
    You have given us a lovely set of photographs today. Thank you.
    The third looks as though the clouds are chevrons in the sky.
    I enjoy reading your blog too.
    Have a good week.

  12. G_mirage Says:

    EAch of your photo has a certain appeal…but the first photo is certaily an eyecatcher with all the fog in it. It seems many posts today have been counting the number of sw..I will do that too! =D

    Happy SWF!

  13. Angie Says:

    A beautiful series of photos.I love the first one,but they are all lovely

  14. david mcmahon Says:

    What a spectacle.

  15. G. Crappy Says:

    Wow! All beautiful shots! Thank you.

  16. Melissa's Cozy Teacup Says:

    Love the mist! Happy SWF.

  17. Geogypsy Says:

    Prince Farming caught the mist as it looks like it’s drifting away.
    Your silhouettes are also beautiful.
    I like the look of your farm.

  18. LEEDRA Says:

    He did good, love the mist.

  19. Bruce Says:

    that first picture of the mist is amazing. we never get that here in the desert southwest.

  20. Larry D Says:

    Excellent series of skywatches!

  21. Laura Says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos I love them all!
    Happy SWF!~

  22. ellen b Says:

    What fabulous skies you’ve been blessed with!
    I love the fall color and I really like the first misty one. Very cool…

  23. Eds Says:

    So so nice!!! Great shot! happy skywatching! :)

    My Skywatch

  24. Bobbie in Hawaii Says:

    All of these are pretty, but that first photo is absolutely phenomenal. It should be framed.

  25. Piedmont Perspective Says:

    These are all wonderful photos but I love the first one in the mist!

  26. ESNORWAY Says:

    nice pics have good weekend

  27. Pearl Maple Says:

    All Beautiful photos in their own way and lovely additions to the Sky Watch Friday party.

  28. Yen Says:

    OMG! That first photo is amazing and simply breathtaking!!! WOW!

    Mine’s, HERE. If you get a chance:)
    Happy SWF!

  29. Angie Says:

    Hello again
    Thank you for your comment on my other blog, My Life.Considering that Ness Gardens is within walking distance from where I live,I really should go there more often! :)

  30. Arija Says:

    Super duper valley fog shot. Your place looks great with the late autumn colour and pond.

  31. moannie Says:

    Absolutely lovely pics, the first in particular. What a beautiful place you live in.
    I am a fairly new camera addict and have lods of sky pics waiting for me to jon the club, but they would never be as good as these. I live in a seaside town and the only ‘nature’ around here is over water, so I don’t get a great variety of scenery although the cloud cover is constantly changing.
    Worthy POTD

  32. Fishing Guy Says:

    Dee: What neat shots you captured this week. It does look like you will get great shots from the pond with the tree gone. Nice SWF, good for you on sharing.

  33. Hope Says:

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I’ve only just discovered your blog….Knoxville Girl had put a link to your blog in one of her posts. I’ll stop by often…your blog is wonderful!

  34. Brit' Gal Sarah Says:

    That first shot is just totally awesome – stunning. The others are also very good but that one’s special

  35. Lee Says:

    Lovely shots, all of them, but I particularly love the first one with the mists. It makes me remember why I love vista’s and valleys.

    Congratulations on making David’s Post of the Day list.


  36. Crazycath Says:

    Love them all but especially the first one. Brilliant.

  37. FickleMinded Says:

    i like the 2nd picture,it’s like a cloud on the ground.

  38. Robin Says:

    This is a stunning series of pictures. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the first because of the mist. I love foggy, misty shots and I’m not very good at capturing them.

  39. Geoff Says:

    Great set of pictures, and not a bird in sight! Good photos.

  40. mary Says:

    Props to Prince Farming — that is a stunner! And your silhouettes are always lovely! And yes, you are VERY blessed to have such a wonderful view to record every day. Happy SWF. :)

  41. Zriz Says:

    The first photo does look so mysterious! I love that photo best!

  42. Coca Cutie Says:

    I like them all, but that first one is magical!

  43. Madge Says:

    i always say this but absolutely gorgous

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