Critters of Gredemeer III- Skywatch



I keep watching for something STUNNING to appear in my sky.  And this week, the most stunning thing is that there wasn’t anything stunning.  It’s been very gray and fall almost winter-like.  Sometimes drizzly, sometimes misty, but always gray.  So here are some pictures taken just this morning (Thursday) to prove my point.  I realize now that it’s beautiful in its own way.

You don’t have to point out that this isn’t a picture of the sky – but if the trees look like this, can you imagine what the sky looks like?  Just open up a blank word document, create the entire page to a very light gray, and you’ll have the right image.  There is no variation – no tone-on-tone.  Just plain whitish-gray.


After taking the picture above, the farm dogs came up the lane, so I retook the shot – with them in it.

The grayish dog is an Australian Cattle dog, also known as a Blue-Heeler.  We adopted him as a biggish puppy from a family in town because he needed to live in the country and run.  The other dog adopted us – she is incredibly friendly, but her friendliness manifests in a low growl, which we translate as "welcome, I’m so glad to see you" but people who don’t know her translate as "I’m not going to get out of my car without sharing my sack lunch with this dog."  She has lived on our farm ever since we bought it – we feed her, get her rabies shots updated and all.  So that must make her ours, right!?  The dogs run all over and play like they’ve never been apart.  (I actually think this paragraph makes this post part of my "Critters of Gredemeer" series, don’t you?  DONE)


Both of the above pictures were taken out of our front door.  The back looks a bit brighter today because the hills aren’t so close by.  But it’s still super misty.


And so I don’t leave out you pond watchers, here’s your shot of the week:

The clouds have been thick and present all week.  And we’ve gotten some much-needed rain.  Unfortunately with the rain comes some pretty chilly temperatures.  I’m very grateful for our outdoor wood furnace, and for Prince Farming and our son who keep it well stocked.  It allows me to sit inside with short sleeves and bare feet.  Just the way I like it.


You can see more skies – sunny, cloudy, or clear by visiting skyley.  Hundreds of people are watching the skies on your behalf.



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58 Responses to “Critters of Gredemeer III- Skywatch”

  1. Lady Fi Says:

    It seems to be grey and wet all over the northern hemisphere. We have underfloor heating here and that keeps me cozy too.

    Love the shots of the trees.

  2. Dewdrop Says:

    Love the fog shot, and I think that we could technically call it sky. I mean, what is the sky anyway? It’s the atmosphere… that comes down to ground level which becomes really obvious when you’ve got fog like this… I agree that fog has it’s beautiful place, but I can see how you would be tired of the grey. As much as I love stormy skies, I need the sun pretty regularly.

    Love all your shots, love the way the clouds settle in mountains. Awesome!

  3. Chris Says:

    Wonderful misty pictures!

  4. Ilana-Davita Says:

    Great pictures; all of them.

  5. Luiz Ramos Says:

    Great shots. Beautiful misty, views and dogs.

  6. Yen Says:

    WOW! the first two photos are just beautiful! It looks like a painting!~

    Mine is, HERE.

  7. linda carson Says:

    For your sake, I hope the sun comes out soon, but these are still very lovely in their own right.

  8. titania Says:

    Oh, yes these pictures look beautiful.I like the mist like a veil making the country site
    mysterious. The dogs enjoy it too! And than the day pushes through and retains just swathes hanging between the trees waiting to be blown away. A lovely post.

  9. East Gwillimbury WOW! Says:

    There’s beauty in the fog! Not every photo has to be taken on a sunny day. ;-) Happy Sky Watch!

  10. Carver Says:

    I love these misty, foggy shots. I’ve always found the fog very romantic although I’m not crazy about driving in it.

  11. bowledover Says:

    Lovely Sky Watch pictures RFC, viewed through silk screens.
    It makes one look harder at picture as well as softens the view.
    I always think that the trees in the last shot are clinging to the mist, reluctant to let go of the embrace.

  12. G_mirage Says:

    I thank you for your visits, I somehow feel bad because I do not visit as much…sometimes when I click usernames it just went blank, so thanks for leaving your url.

    You got a beautiful dog! I grew up having them too but now I cant because of my kids…walking in the fog with them is sure fun! True, there’s beauty in the fog and it adds mystery and peacefulness in the image. Happy SWF!

  13. Leora Says:

    Steamy, misty, mysterious! Like the dogs in the scene, too.

  14. John Says:

    Great shots for swf!

  15. Photo Cache Says:

    These are STUNNING shots, are you kidding me? :) Love them very much.

  16. coloradolady Says:

    Nice shots. Very Fall-ish looking. And what cute pups sneaking in the photo. Have a great weekend.

  17. Aileni Noyle Says:

    You get some great mists – the sky comes down to you.

    The snow went in a day or two. Looks worse than it is.

  18. Mojo Says:

    I used to work in a truck rental place that “came with” a pair of dogs like the one who adopted you. The female wasn’t quite so standoffish and our secretary was able to corral her and take her to the vet to get her shots and everything. The male was pretty much the prototypical “junk-yard dog”, though not as ill-tempered. He would just as soon not have the humans messing with him thanks very much and even Judy couldn’t get close enough to him to collar him. In fact he rarely even came close to the shop if anybody was around. But the crew all kicked in to keep them fed and Judy did her best to keep them healthy (the girl anyway) and we all learned to peacefully coexist.

    And I don’t know if getting her shots and feeding her makes her “yours” officially or not, but it sounds like she’s made you hers. Which makes you a very lucky bunch indeed. ‘Cause you won’t ever have a better friend than that.

    And it’s cool that the two of them get along so well. Just makes me stupid happy to see a dog get a break like that.

  19. Pearl Maple Says:

    Great collection of photos, always interesting to see how many different views of the sky everyone can find to share with us all. I find misty skies are tricky to catch but yours are beautiful.

    How kind of you to adopt dogs who need a good family.

  20. kspin Says:

    I love fog and mist. Probably because it is very rare here! :) Beautiful shots! Love the one with the dogs!

  21. Laughing Orca Ranch Says:

    Perfect skies for daydreaming and playing make believe. Reminds me of being placed into a Lord of the Rings book. Magical.

    My favorite is the one with the dogs…adds a nice bit of animated nature :)

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!
    New Mexico

  22. Brit' Gal Sarah Says:

    Love these wonderful atmospheric shots

  23. Geoff Says:

    Nice set. Like the views, and like your dogs. Good photos!
    Hope you’re having better luck with your birds.

  24. Brad Says:

    Those kies with the fall colors and country side look good the way they are. Of course if that was all I was looking at here I would want some blue also.

  25. rhoen Says:

    Beautiful! loved the second entry, as well!

    My Skywatch entry is HERE!

  26. Afanja Says:

    Beautiful misty pictures. They’re kind of mysterious.
    Good choice to capture the dogs too!

  27. The Rocky Mountain Retreat Says:

    There seems to be so much of the misty and clouds right now… ’tis the season, I suppose.
    Beautiful photography. Well done!
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  28. Musings from Kay Says:

    I do so love misty, foggy days. We don’t have them in Hawaii but I used to love them when we lived in Illinois. There is something so very mysterious about fog and mist. Love it!

  29. Jim Says:

    Hi Ms. Farm Deirdre Chick, you have found some short skies. They got longer as you went down the page. If you would do that a lot perhaps the rain would go away. :-)
    Happy SkyWatch, I’m doing it again this week (Little Photo Place). Not nearly as pretty as your farm sky but I did find sky.

  30. Grammy Says:

    Great photo’s & amazing colors. In Wv where I was born you could see the mist of the clouds were some what like this.

  31. LEEDRA Says:

    Loved your story about the word doc…LOL, which I needed. Keep those farm photos coming.

  32. Gnome at the Bottom of the Garden Says:

    The mist just hangs like cotton balls (but not as warm!). Great pics and glad you got some rain

  33. Jennie/Kahshe Cottager Says:

    My goodness you have had some foggy days there! The photos have a real moody feeling to them and I can see where you wouldn’t be able to really see the sky. I can almost feel the wet through the screen!

    My Sky Watch Photos are posted Here and Here

  34. Madge Says:

    i’m coming over right now.

  35. Carlettta Says:

    I love the shot with the dogs – two old pals going for a walk!
    Loved all the shots though – it looks cold and more wintery than fall.

  36. shaker Says:

    Nice foggy shots !

  37. Inkataika Says:

    Misty, gray days have their own atractiveness (is that the right word to explain it?) :D I liked especially your dog picture.

  38. Dirkjogt Says:

    Nice pictures, the mist gives a special effect. The second one is my favourite

  39. Susan Says:

    Skies you can reach out and touch!

    I loved these, so lovely and quiet, and the dogs have a beautiful portrait against the trees.

    I’d hang anyone one of your photos on my wall, in fact: great autumn shots!

  40. PJ Says:

    The dogs look very chummy, I imagine they do this every day like so many couples do? I really love the photograph, the mist makes it just that much more interesting.

  41. Fishing Guy Says:

    Dee: Those are some neat misty sky captures and I’m glad you didn’t forget the pond.

  42.  P-TER Says:

    The mist gives a special effect.
    Nice pictures ! ! !

  43. Pietro Says:

    What charming views! They are so soft, almost monochrome: very nice compositions!

  44. Donald Kinney Says:

    Nice foggy post… I am familiar with the stuff… Sometimes I like it, but sometimes it is a real pain…

  45. Hendrika Says:

    Grey weather also has its beauty, nice pictures.

  46. wren Says:

    I’ve been amazed at what great skywatch photos we’ve been getting from cloudy skies around the world. Beauty takes many forms, and we love them all.

  47. Arija Says:

    I feel like your dogs, I like to be out in ‘the foggy, foggy dew’. I love fog and dogs and farms and your shots.

  48. Laura Says:

    Absolutely beautiful in that very criptic sort of way It has been alot like that here too… Wonderful sky watching (love the dogs :)

  49. grace Says:

    if i was there, it would make me exclaim, “I stand in awe!”

  50. Andrew Says:

    those are works of art!

  51. Louise Says:

    I think it’s pretty. But I also think it would make me crazy after a few days. I don’t like non-descript skies. But you’re making the best of it with your photographs.

    Bare feet and short sleeves? With sunny skies I’m wearing 3 layers.

  52. Coca Cutie Says:

    Amazing magical pictures :)

  53. dlyn Says:

    I love misty weather. You should come and participate in the photo project on my blog :) Happy SWF!

  54. Lana Says:

    I love it when it’s foggy like that! Great shots. The dogs remind me of my old, Siberian husky. He was a great friend. :)

  55. Nova Says:

    WOW i love the picture, as i you edited it… it is certainly fascinating… keep it up..

    blessed be…

  56. SandyCarlson Says:

    I love all of these. I am living these pictures in CT right now!

  57. Gretchen Says:

    Our dog likes to growl her greetings, too. She’s the sweetest thing in the world, but is HUGE, so she does scare people. We have to pay her homage to get in the door if we try to walk in with a carryout bag.

  58. Jeannelle Says:

    Lovely scenes for SkyWatch or any kind of watch! I especially like the first two…..the misty trees, oh, just super! And, the dogs bring a special dimension….they always do!

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