Critters of Gredemeer I

This has been a detail long in coming – - so I can refer to my life in the terms I generally use.  We live on a farm that borders the family farm.  Prince Farming’s parents, sister, and one brother all live within sight (almost – depending on how many leaves are on the trees) of our farm.  Because I have a high value around independence/autonomy, I wanted to be able to differentiate between here and there;  between theirs and ours.  So we created this name "Gredemeer".  It is made up of the first 2 or 3 letters of each of our first names.  We were just lucky that it worked.  Some other families end up with names like "Ranch Joke" (for Randy, Charlotte, Jonathan and Kevin) which actually is fairly appropriate from my perspective because we’ve shared many great times and belly laughs together.  During the building process (of our home), someone suggested we have a stone tablet set in with the bricks with our name.  So we did.  It makes me happy.  I’d love to hear what title your family names create.  Let me know in a comment.

Now I can move on to the "Critters" part.  It’s hard to know where to start. . . so my sharing of the cows right now doesn’t make them the most important – just probably the shortest entry because I notice that my blog entries are veritible epistles, and I don’t want to take you away from your life (or other blog reading) for an inordinate amount of time.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say about cows in another post.  There have been several frustrating days that involve cows, but I’m certain they pale in comparison to the days I’ll use as "blog fodder" in the future.

Right now the cows are young.  We got them near the beginning of the summer as yearlings (around 500 lbs).  I only know these details because I over-heard a discussion about the cows.  Once when I was picking up salt licks from the co-op, the lady behind the counter asked me what kind of cows we had.  Because I’m such an expert on the topic, I told her we have black ones that go "moooo."  She decided that she wasn’t in my same league to continue the discussion.  Here are some pictures (the bottom two are from my kitchen window) of our cute little herd.



One day I hope to have a donkey wandering in the field with the cows.  Local farmers tell me that donkeys are very good about keeping wild dogs away from the cows, which seems like a necessity to me.  Prince Farming assures me that his dad has never needed the services of a donkey.  But I think donkeys are cute.  And necessary on a farm.  I’ll just wait and see – maybe that will be my Christmas present.  I wonder if a donkey would be in the same class as coal?

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4 Responses to “Critters of Gredemeer I”

  1. Louise Says:

    Our name would be Stebresian. I kind of like it. But it’s not my blog name, so I won’t advertise it.

    Cows: I don’t like having cows because of the purpose of having them. When my parents kept cows, I quit eating meat altogether. They are cute. Their eyes are so gentle. I couldn’t take care of them, then eat them.

    Donkeys chase lots of things away including coyotes. My parents had them for years, and my dad still does. (Probably 25 years.) They are pretty self-sufficient, in fact I know he doesn’t do much at all to take care of his unless they have an ice storm. The noise they make is charming and necessary in the country. You need two so they can hang out together.

    And I, for one, will not condemn long epistles in writing!

  2. reluctantfarmchik Says:

    Louise – Gredemeer isn’t my blog name – it’s our house/farm name. In S Africa lots of people name their homes. I like the tradition.

    What purpose are you suggesting we’re raising our cows for? We sell them strictly as pets. Or as breeders of pets. That’s it. Nothing else. I swear.

    People have told Prince Farming that donkeys require shoes (like horses) every 6 months. That’s been a huge turn-off. I need to find a double number of people who can tell him that they DON’T need shoes.

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