Critters of Gredemeer – continued


Several of you know about my yearning for a donkey.  Prince Farming was not as eager to add another creature, but was willing to acquiesce (look it up) if the price was right.  I’ve been talking to people and spreading word about my need desire for a donkey, and I finally found one.  For the right price.  I’ll share that in another post.

Here’s my new little friend.  His name is "Japie" – named after my grandmother’s donkey.  She used to tell me stories about how she rode to school on a donkey.  The word is pronounced  "Yah-ppy" – where the vowel sound is a little longer than in the word "yuppy".

Isn’t he cute!?  I love his markings. 


He’s exploring his new field – all by himself for the moment.  No cows in that field yet – he owns it for the moment.  But I think he’s lonely.

It’s time to make friends . . . it’s going to take time because no one has really been interacting with him, but I know it will happen.

He’s curious enough.  I just need to remember to bring sweet treats down with me.  I’m loving looking out of my window and seeing Japie.

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2 Responses to “Critters of Gredemeer – continued”

  1. Louise Says:

    Oh. He IS so pretty. His markings are terrific, and I love the shade of grey.

  2. Becky Says:

    He’s a cutie!
    Maybe you need to get him a mate. Just someone to hang out with him in the fence. When we first moved to the farm, my husband had a horse. Only one. We had to go buy another one, just for company. They made friends quickly.

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