Convention – the Experience

People attend convention for all sorts of reasons.  Motivation, Training, Rewards & recognition, New ideas, Networking, Swapping, Screaming, well – really all sorts of reasons.  Here are a few pictures to give you a small glimpse of the convention experience.

  SWAPPING – some crazy people spend many hours (it seems mostly midnight hours) stamping multiples of cards – like hundreds of them.  Then they lug them (or truck them) to convention and spend hours hauling them around the venue and swapping – that way they can go home with hundreds of different ideas in exchange for their one or two ideas.  It’s a great way to build a sample library.  Swaps make people need stamp sets they might never have even noticed before.  Accessories, color combinations, and other creative ideas are shared through swapping as well.

LINES (aka queues) I think I mentioned lines before.  Mostly the lines don’t move very quickly, which works in favor of swappers, because then they get to "do their thing."  Sometimes the swapping is what makes the lines take longer than what they really need to.  But it’s all part of the convention (or stamping) experience.  While people are swapping, they meet new friends and find old friends, and put names with faces they’ve only "met" on the computer in online stamp groups.  It’s a great way to "stop and smell the roses."

Sometimes all the stuff you get at convention along with the different swaps you get become a bit unwieldy.  So you have to find a little corner to reorganize and consolidate.  This is one of my room-mates (Valerie) who had a few too many bags and decided to take a little breather to make it all work together.

But after you reorganize and consolidate everything, the bags get so bloody heavy that some significant intervention is needed.  Luckily the convention planners anticipate this dilemma, so they contract with some very special people to do this:

This is another of my room mates (and a part of my Stampin’Up! team), Amber.  I wanted to take a picture of her face, but she was drooling, and I didn’t want to embarrass her (oops!!).  The only problem with this little service, is that their follow-up is lousy.  No one prevents the need for future massages by carrying the absolute BRICK of a bag that caused the severe back-ache to begin with.

Of course, after all this swapping, and standing in lines, and reorganizing, and it’s time to sit down. . . with old friends and new. There are tons of restaurants within walking distance of the Salt Palace that are really great.   Here we are at Macaroni Grill. 

From left to right:  Bonnie Towles (my friend and travel-mate from Jellico), Me, Sue (brilliant stamper who is the future-winner of "Artisan’s Award" and her friend Caroline; Valerie (my room-mate) and Amy (room-mate and bag with a bag); then Amanda (up-beat, glass is always full creative chick) and her two team-mates (can’t remember their names – way cool though. . . one owns/runs a sports bar in the Tampa area – something to do with "cop shop" or the likes)

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    Great post! I might link to it instead of reporting myself!

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