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It is with pleasure that I report that our mist has dissipated.  It is with displeasure that I report that FREEZING TEMPERATURES have replaced that mist.  Adding to the positive tally, however, is the fact that the skies are watch-worthy again – not that mist was horrible – it was a nice variation – but I love watching clouds.  So here is my weekly report:

Forgive me bloggers, for I have failed you.  The first snow on the rooves of our barns went un-photographed.  A double whammy, I realize. . . . for this was the new barn’s FIRST SNOW.  For the record, I am an unfit nostalgic all the way around.  I knew that I’d be miserable with follow-up.  So the old barn has no "first snow" pictures either.  In real life this is how my photographing goes as well.  You know all those 2nd and 3rd siblings who complain of diminishing pictures?  My children can never hold that over my head.  There is an equal dirth of photographs for BOTH of my children.  So there.

This was taken one morning after the family left for school/work.  You can’t tell as well in the photo, but there are layers of textures – the front clouds are fluffy and cotton-candyish.  The back clouds are more . . . ummmm. . . . textured (I have obviously not been taking notes in Dewdrops class).

But then check these out – almost made me forget the texture (sorry Dewd).


This was on the opposite side.  Can you tell how frosty the mornings have been!?  BRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr.  I almost started feeling sorry for the cows!  Not sorry enough to bring them in to the garage with the chickens, but still – it is pretty downright nippy out there.  Hey – didn’t someone call this a "mackerel sky"?  See – I do sort of pay attention (actually – it’s more about retention than it is paying attention. . . honest!)


Happy Skywatching!  There are all sorts of skies for your viewing pleasure at Skyley . . . where you might even catch a few warmer skies.


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49 Responses to “Cloudy and Blue – Skywatch”

  1. Dewdrop Says:

    Thanks for the link, chikadewd. I love the textured clouds… I love it when several types of clouds come at once and here you have low level cumulus (not well organized, but beautiful and PINK! Awesome!) and altocumulus in the background… ;O) Wonderful shots! Glad your fog (mist) lifted, but ever so sorry about the cold. I feel your pain!

  2. Photo Cache Says:

    I love the photos and your story to go with those photos. On am so jealous of your cold weather.

    Happy skywatching.

  3. Brad Says:

    Good series of sky watch photos, our rain has also been replaced with cold temperatures, but I will take the rain back any day as long as it warms up.

  4. Susan Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re freezing, but the photos are gorgeous!

    (Don’t forget you owe us a snow-on-barns photo, next time it snows!)

    Thanks for sharing such pretty skies–happy SWF!

  5. East Gwillimbury WOW! Says:

    Yes, it DOES look a bit chilly. Hope it warms up soon.

  6. Luiz Ramos Says:

    We shall go to Dewdrop class!!
    Until next snow!!
    Beautiful shots.

  7. Jim Says:

    That first one is such a pretty blue sky. Please let me know when you have a snow on the new barn picture. I hope you are making a list. :-)
    You frost is nice also. I have fog this morning, see it on my SkyWatch page.
    Happy Skywatching!

  8. Pretty Life Online Says:

    great catch! Green calm below, blue quietness above…. Happy SkyWatching! I am back now… Hope you’ll visit mine too…

  9. SaraG Says:

    Great photos.
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy SWF

  10. Carver Says:

    These are all wonderful shots. I think the last one is my favorite. I like the landscape so much.

  11. Leora Says:

    Love the textured, cotton candy and mackerel skies.

  12. Geoff Says:

    Great pictures. especially the “Mackerel sky” shot. Great set of photos.

  13. bowledover Says:

    Hi RFC, your pictures are a lovely set for SWF.
    The first reminded me of a freshly washed sky with clouds hanging out to dry.
    The second the wispy tendrils in the foreground, made me think of vapors rising.
    The fourth sky reminded me of Monet’s water lillies, although your are clouds floating and, over your water feature which I love to see. Thank you.
    I hope it warms up soon.

  14. coloradolady Says:

    The photos are so soft looking. Just wonderful to look at. They almost look like a painting. Have a great SWF.

  15. Geogypsy Says:

    Nice captures. The second one looks surreal, like a painting of fire in front of waves. Glad you have clouds again.

  16. Pearl Maple Says:

    Beautiful collection of photos, thanks for sharing this lovely view with everyone in sky watch friday.

  17. babooshka Says:

    You can feel the chill, in a beautiful crisp clear way

  18. Larry Says:

    Beautiful cloud layers. One of the best things the Autumn has to offer are those beautiful layered clouds. Great colors!

  19. Fishing Guy Says:

    Dee: What a neat set of colorful skies and the pond looks cold also.

  20. Jeannelle Says:

    Oh, I’m happy the mist cleared so you could show us these scenes. Especially, I like the 2nd and 3rd photos. Yes, I can see the varying texture layers in the clouds….very interesting!

    That’s funny about your poor first-photo-deprived barn roof…..just take a snowy photo of it anytime this winter…..who will ever know the difference years down the road.

    I’m an eldest child, and have a fully-filled out baby book and photo scrapbook… sibs have neither, poor things. They like to remind me of my privileged status…..

  21. TCKK Says:

    Beautiful. I especially like #2.

  22. ruth Says:

    Lovely clouds photos with interesting textures and colours. I think most of us are experiencing unseasonably cold weather this week in North America.

  23. Carlettta Says:

    The pink clouds in the first shot appear to be dancing.
    The frosty pond shot indeed looks COLD!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.

  24. LEEDRA Says:

    These are pretty photos for the skywatch post.

  25. Max-e Says:

    This is a lovely set of photos, but from your descriptions all I can do is shout OOSKAAP, because the part where I live has such a nice climate. No frost and no snow, though other parts of the province are not so lucky.

  26. auringonkukkaperhe finland Says:

    Wonderful photos!!
    have a nice weekend :)

  27. Ilana-Davita Says:

    All these shots are beautiful.

  28. Ulrika K Says:

    You live in a beautiful place, that is so gorgeous! I really like the cloud pictures but I think my favorite one is the last, frosty one. :-)

  29. Says:

    I love that second one. It looks unreal.

  30. Lady Fi Says:

    Happy skies again! And isn’t it lovely with some snow! It’s also minus degrees here in Sweden – finally! Hurray!

  31. Sandra Says:

    Magnificent colors and indeed beautiful pictures. Thank you for your visit.

  32. Catherine Says:

    Even without explanations from our Sky Watch specialist, Dewdrop, this new collection of clouds are wonderful, especially on the 2d pictures where some are vertical. Watching them is enough for me!
    Have a good week-end in front of the fireplace : )

  33. Afanja Says:

    I liked your misty pictures, but a little more colour can’t do any harm. And these colours are beautiful, because they’re so soft. The second one is my favourite.

  34. Napaboaniya APAD Says:

    It’s gonna be a real bbrrrr period for the animals soon I guess. Those pictures are great and you’ve not failed us :)

  35. Christine Says:

    I love those rolling hills but that sky is sublime!

  36. Brian Bastinelli Says:

    Great images. I love the soft pastels of this time of day1

  37. Melissa's Cozy Teacup Says:

    I love me some clouds in photos! Thanks for the comment and happy swf!

  38. Erin Says:

    that second photograph i love. has a little bit of eerieness to it.

    thanks for sharing…
    have a wonderful weekend.

  39. Klaus Says:

    Ah – my pond! Really looks about that – cold.! ;)
    Cheers, Klaus

    P.S.: skyley is just a made up name to have an address, since skywatch was taken. It’s Skywatch :)

  40. Louise Says:

    Ohhh. I love the second one especially! You’ve had SNOW?

    Don’t feel sorry for the cows until someone eats one of them.

    I’m not sure that was a mackerel sky. I think it maybe was one before or could have become one, but who knows, maybe it was. I think I need a nap.

  41. wren Says:

    I hear you on that retention thing … love the photos, and pretending I didn’t hear a thing you said about snow.

  42. Laura Says:

    beautiful photos and BRRRRRRRRR I do not like thi cold weather here in the south!

  43. Tuscaloosa Daily Photo Says:

    These are beautiful pictures. What a lovely view you have!

  44. Lew Says:

    I love the multi-layered clouds with different colors. Beautiful spot you have to watch the skies. Thanks for visiting my sky watch.

  45. Ladynred Says:

    These are beautiful shots. Thanks for the visit.

  46. SandyCarlson Says:

    Wonderful views. I can feel the chill coming off of the mornings there!

  47. MumbaiiteAnu Says:

    Beautiful photos. You have snow and it’s hot and humid in Mumbai. We are still waiting for the winter cold.
    Have a great week.

  48. Fishing Guy Says:

    Dee: What a nice set of photos, not quite a mackrel sky but some great formations. The pond looks like it has a bit of ice.

  49. don Says:

    Retention I have trouble remembering my kids names its only been 30 years and I still get em mixed up. Nice Sky and yes its all the Lords Handiwork.

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