Chicken School


I have really enjoyed watching our chickens grow and develop.  I’ll fill you in on some of their happenings in a post soon, but thought I’d share things I never knew before this chicken experience (which started in September)

1)  Chickens stand on 1 leg a lot of the time

2)  Roosters can only crow with both feet on the ground

3)  Roosters can crow while walking/running

4)  Hens need their egg shells back (ground up in their food) OR oyster shells so that they can continue to lay eggs

5)  Green eggs (the shells, not the innards) have lower cholesterol than brown or white eggs. 

6)  Roosters don’t only crow in the very early morning – they crow all day long

7)  Crowing is the way a rooster greets you – they’re great "watch dogs" because they let you know when people arrive, or when surroundings change

8)  Chickens will eat ANYthing . . . food scraps, banana peels, slop, you name it . . . I think they’re pigs with beaks

9)  Chickens are social, and prefer to hang around people.  They will also wonder (in a "herd") quite far away from their coop, but will come back at roosting time

10)  Roosters don’t crow at sun-up.  They crow well before the sun even thinks about rising – as early as 3am.  Jennifer suggested they do this so I’d know where to aim a gun.  I’ve been tempted.

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3 Responses to “Chicken School”

  1. Madge Says:

    i’m farming vicariously through you.

  2. Becky Says:

    “Pigs with beaks”, that cracked me up! But tis true.
    I have alwasy wanted chickens, but never got them before because the Captain doesn’t want to listen to the crowing.
    Personally, I love the sound.
    And I WILL have chickens soon. One way or another. I’ll just buy the Captain some ear plugs.

  3. maggie Says:

    Oh, this just cracked me up. By the way, we have chickens just 2 doors down – and I can vouch for the 3am crowing – somehow though, like the train passing by a mile away several times a night, one’s ears kinda tune out things after a month or two….well, maybe a year or two, three, whatever. but ya know, there’s always chicken soup when things get bad….

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