Skywatch Catch-up


If any of you have missed posting a Skywatch entry for one week, you might understand how I’m feeling.  It is amazing how many skies there are to share, and missing one week just really makes a person feel behind.  But I’m going to shake these feelings of behindness – goodness knows they’re manifesting all over in my life – and I’ll just enjoy the opportunity I have now to share.  So glad to be back.  Life feels a little out of balance.  There’s nothing like a few skies to browse to wash the tension out of my shoulders (only to have it wrenched back in when I realize how much time I’ve spent visiting sky blogs and how much behinder I just got!)

Fall is in full swing.  The colors haven’t been as intensely varied as in years passed, but I’m still enjoying the colors.  And the cool air (it’s been downright COLD this week!).  The skies change too – I’ve never taken the time to observe the sky changes before this year.  It’s been so much fun!

The clouds seem more dense on some of these fall evenings.  I love to watch them – these were traveling at quite a clip.  They had some other places to see.  Wish they’d take me along!


These clouds were content just to sit and watch my pond.  And the cows.



With the sun coming up a bit later, it’s easier for me to see some colors from the Library window.  I love how the mist just hangs in this picture.  This is quite typical of where we live – sometimes it takes quite some time to burn off.


The color on this evening was SO dense it made the whole farm feel orange. 

Happy fall, and happy sky watching!  Thanks for stopping by.  You can see more amazing sky pictures from all around the world by visiting here.


Over the Moon


There have been so many awesome pictures of moons on Skywatch.  Every time I’ve attempted capturing a moon shot, I’ve been miserably disappointed.  But because of my slight OCD tendencies I keep trying.  Even though in my head I kept repeating "Idiots are those who keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."  I kept doing it.

1) spotting a cool moon

2) running in for my camera

3) pointing and shooting

4) pointing and shooting

5) pointing and shooting

6) repeat steps #3-5 four or more times.

I mean – if I could have a penny for all of my failed/deleted moon shots, I might be able to help out with the national economic crisis in a significant way. 

This past week (or maybe 10 days), I have stumbled upon shareable shots.  I’m amazed.  And that whole "idiot theory" just got shot down.  Because it’s the same nut, loose, behind the same camera, pushing the same button, with the same shaky hands.  And here’s what I got.. . .

This is from outside my front door.  I know you can’t see the cool color of the leaves, but who cares!?  Do you see that white thing?  That’s a MOON, thank you very much!  And if you were to ask me to ignore the moon and focus on the trees so you could see their color. . . ?  Ummm.  You might need to check with a different chik.  This one hasn’t a clue.  (And luckily my OCD hasn’t latched on to that little task.)

But guess what!?  We went to see Elk again (one of my brothers and his family came to visit, so we took another little outing).  Check this out:

My hands weren’t shaking!!  And that isn’t a figment of my (or your) imagination!  And you can trust me on this:  I did NOT put the moon there with the aid of paint shop, or iPhoto editing, or . . . (here I show pure ignorance) that other fancy photo-editing software you all play with to add or change effects.  This moon is the real deal.

Please allow this digression:  The next picture appears to not be clear.  But let me preface your viewing with a detail.  There was a significant halo around this moon – so it even seemed sort of blurry when I was looking at it in real life.  Really!  It was the coolest thing.  My daughter suggested I take this shot for my skywatch post.

And, umm. . .  You can see the fall colors in this shot (which is good, because it would otherwise be quite a boring photo).  This is taken from the side of our house. 

On the far right of the picture you can see the beginnings of a rock face.  There are actually cliffs there where some people repel and do other dangerous and stupid extreme things.  I’ve hiked up there.  Twice maybe.  A  LONG time ago.  I think it was before I married Prince Farming.  Probably in an attempt to show him how tough I was.  I am totally resenting that little endeavor, even from this far in the future.  I should have made him carry me up there if he wanted me to be there.  Then he would have known that I’m really not made of all the stuff farm people are made of.  That picking up and stacking 16′ lengths of 6 x 6 lumber (in the dark) after a day of crazy shopping in the big city while planning a barn party is really out of my league.  Even on the days when I don’t have a sick and throwing-up stomach.  I really MUST have a talk with my daughter about her choices of activities.  Doing Herculean feats while courting will NOT render her desired results.  Her herculean activities will only redouble in her aging years and bite her in her butt.  Which is no small thing (I’m talking about the activities that aren’t small – no comment on the butt, people!)

Good grief.  Isn’t this a skywatch post?  I’m so sorry for taking you down that path.  Something must have snapped in me. I will refrain from dragging this out for any longer than I already have.  I know you have things to do and blogs to visit.  Thanks for stopping by mine.  You can see other amazing sky pictures (and STUNNING moon shots) every week by visiting this site.



Oh – you’re still here?  I know what you’re missing.  Alright already.  Here you go:

Aren’t the colors pretty?  Can’t wait till the reds start peaking – should be this weekend.  We’re supposed to have a bit of a cold spell, which should help out the color variety in a big way.

Happy Skywatch Friday!

A sky departure


Last weekend we, with a group of friends, all went to a nearby mountain top (about 40 minutes away) where Elk are frequently spotted.  We went right around sun-down, and were not disappointed!  Our house is situated in a community called "Elk Valley" and apparently Elk used to be quite a nuisance here.  They have since been hunted to the point of no longer calling this their home.  It was wonderful to go and see a variety of Elk at this viewing area.

You can see the fall colors starting to show their splendor too.

There were several bull Elk.  We even got to see a bull fight – horns clashing, dust flying and all.  I couldn’t capture a non-blurry shot of the event (it was getting pretty dark) but the experience was awesome. 

When I turned around to face the west, the sunset was stunning.

The colors were HOT but the air was refreshingly cool.  A very nice contrast.

This is about the time of the bull fight.  My camera (with the current lens and unskilled photographer) couldn’t capture anything below the skyline.

For good measure, and to make this post complete, here’s your Gredemeer pond fix:

This was taken just this morning (Wednesday).  You can see a small inkling of the amazing color that’s going to grace us very soon.  It’s been a bit rainy, which makes the colors more vivid, I think.  Lovely fall weather.  If it weren’t such a short season, I think fall would be my all time favorite.  But fall is the pre-winter season, and cold is not my favorite thing, really.

Happy Skywatching!  You can see more amazing skies from all over the world by visiting here.

The Sky and the Barn


So many of you leave happy comments about the sky over my pond.  Last week TheFishingGuy asked about the sky over my barn.  What an idea.  Same sky.  Different perspective.  Got on my little Rhino with my little camera, and here’s what you get.

This shot even has a few left-over hay rolls that hadn’t made it into the barn yet.  They’re all safe and warm now.


And here’s the same sky over the field.  The field looks particularly green.  That happens after the hay is mowed and then we had some rain – which has happy new grass growing.


There have been some spectacular sunrise shots on recent Skywatch posts.  I dream of having a cool sunrise.  I’m sure there is one out there – but from my vantage point, here is what the sunrise looks like:

Actually, the sun would be rising from the opposite direction, but since you know how close the pond mostly seems, you know I’d never see the sun, if I can barely see the pond.  Here’s what I saw when I swung around to the east.

Beautiful, ain’t it?  Actually, it is pretty.  Just not with the stunning, dense colors that some people see when the day overtakes darkness. 


Just so you don’t go through complete withdrawal, here’s a pond sky for you.  I’ll settle for cool sunsets.  I’m not usually up in time to see sunrise – colors or not.


You can see more very amazing skies, clouds, sunrises and sunsets from various angles and from all over the world right here.  Better yet, take a shot of your own, and share it with us – everyone can play.

Cloud Skywatch


My biggest Farm Regret is not being able to travel.  There’s always so much to do.  Since I’ve been doing Skywatch Friday it has occured to me that even though I’m sitting in one place here on the farm, the earth is rotating and spinning, so I’m actually getting to see skies from all over – these skies have seen the parts of the earth that I’m yearning to visit.  It has become a fun thing for me to imagine what my skies have seen as they’ve "passed over" other people and places.  Just a bit of whimsy as I share the clouds from Gredemeer this week.  Happy Skywatch Friday!


You might not be able to see it very clearly, but there is almost a "pillar of cloud" in this shot:


The reflection of these clouds in the pond makes it look like there are ripples in the water:


These clouds looked extra fluffy against the very blue sky:


Same day as the above shot – just an additional set of texture here.  It’s amazing how quickly the cloud formations and textures change.  The "naked" mountain top on the right has been strip-mined for coal.  When they are done they have to introduce plants back to make it "natural" again. . . there’s a term for this, but it’s not coming to me at this insomniac moment.  Maybe "reclaimed"?

You can see clouds (and other skies) from all over the world by visiting here.  You can play along too, and share your skies, which may very well have flown over Gredemeer some time in the not too distant past!

Shades of Gray


We’ve been anticipating rain, I guess as a result of all the Ike activity, but it only happened once this past week (rain, that is).  The sky has been changing colors, and I don’t know whether it’s because of that storm activity, or the pending change in seasons.  The air is cooler, and I can feel fall coming.  I LOVE the fall.  Especially in these hills.   These pictures are inspired by the color changes that I’m anticipating.



There’s a reason they call this area "Smoky Mountains."  The mist just hangs.


My post (and your week) would be incomplete without a pond shot, so here you go:


You can see another really cool misty shot from this week here.


Play along with sky watch, or stop by and see all sorts of skies from all around the world here.


Just clouds


It’s so much fun watching clouds.  The clouds I captured for this Skywatch don’t really have any very obvious wabbits or elephants or planes, but they’re still cool.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  These clouds are all over my farm (not all-over as in ended, but they were all taken over the farm :-) ).  There’s lots of sky around here.  I feel badly for people who have less sky than me.  Come over and enjoy my sky any time you want.






You can see more cloud pictures (and other sky images) from all over the world here



Clear Skies



EDIT:  9/11/08 Skywatch post is actually here – sorry about that!

Here’s a non-evening shot of my wonderful kitchen window view.  Can you even imagine how beautiful it is in the fall?  And in the spring?  I will share.  I promise.  Soon there will be pictures of neat round bales of hay out there, beyond the pond.

Can’t really see how stunning the sky is in this shot.  You know the saying . . . "Red at night is the shepherd’s (or sailor’s) delight" – this was beautiful.

Since you always get to see the view from one direction, I decided to swing around and show you the opposite direction.  This would be my library window view.  That "road" is our drive-way . . . a long and dusty one, right on the edge of our property.  Beyond the immediate neighbors is family land again.  Prince Farming’s parents and brother own that next hill.

For more stunning sky shots from around the world, and from the other side of the pond(s) visit this site. 

Sky. . . or Pondwatch again


It amazes me how the sky from the same vantage point is so new and different every day.  Not always stunning and photo worthy (IMO), but different all the same.  Here are two shots, taken of the same sky, in the same direction as this shot was last week.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the seasons bring different looks. 



Sky Watch. . . or Pond Watch?


This shot was taken just a couple of days ago.  It’s amazing when you look outside at just the right moment and recognize a photo-worthy sky.  Very cool.  And very new to me.  Of course being somewhat limited in my photography skill and equipment, I’m sure that a hundred others would have taken a totally WOW photo of this same moment.  If someone can explain (in very slow, simple language) how to improve this shot using a PHD camera (Push Here Dummy) I’d be most grateful. (btw – I knew to turn the flash off.  thank you.)  The shots I took of just the sky (without the pond) didn’t show the color as intensely as the reflection in the pond did.  And truly, the colors were equally brilliant.  I guess the creative thing to do would have been to crop the sky out of the shot and just do the pond reflection thing.  Ah – yes.  This is why I blog.  

This same photo could be placed under a new heading brewing in my mind.  Something along the lines of "Things I See at the Pond"  or maybe "Gazing out my Kitchen Window".  C O R N Y.  Anyway – I really do enjoy my kitchen window.  And I am thoroughly loving the things I see in, around, or near the pond.  I do have a collection of photos started.  But the collection will be appreciated more fully when people other than myself will be able to identify the tiny dots on the picture (ie I need to find the other lens).  So you can anticipate more Pond Watch photos in the future.


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