BWD (Blog Withdrawal Disorder)

Scrolling down my recent blog entries has been a bit . . . telling.  There has been no farming.  (I’m not complaining here – I’m just stating what is).  There has been crazy busy-ness. (I know I’m not alone).  Blog entries have flown through my head at an alarming rate, but I’ve not had time (or energy) (or clarity of thought) to even jot them down.  And now I have BWD.  Because I have a quiet time (right before the next storm) and thought you might want to hear about what I was avoiding or, (truthfully) procrastinating on.  My mind has been operating in "list mode" for quite a while now, so that is all I have.  And it’s not pretty.  I’m going to spare you the details.  You must have lists of your own that can run circles around mine.

Some neighbors decorate our mailbox while we were gone one weekend :-)

My next list involves a Barn Party.  I mean, we live on a farm, and it’s fall.  Surely a Barn Party is in order.  Actually, we’re hosting the Church Barn Party on Sunday.  It used to be on a neighboring farm, but some property was sold and the venue was rearranged, and it just didn’t work out there anymore.  Last year was the first year with no Barn Party.  The kids nearly mutinied.  So this year, what  – with a new barn (read "no cow poop" yet) we have a great opportunity to initiate it. 

Problem is:  I’ve never hosted a barn party before (this is Year 1 on a farm for me).  I know it can be free-flowing and fun. But people will want stuff to do.  And things to see.  And food to eat.  And a fire to burn.  And . . . . what else?  Oh.  A hay ride.  And a pony ride.  So I can figure that out.  But what about the behind-the-scenes stuff.  A PA system at the barn requires power.  We have a generator but it is LOUD.    Prince Farming very kindly made a  L O N G  heavy duty extension chord so we could put the generator on the front side of the old barn between hay bales (for sound insulation).  Must borrow the PA system from the hospital.  Trash cans?  Money box? (Pathfinders are selling food for fundraiser, as are 8th graders with desserts and baked goods).  Who will "man" the jail? (you know – where you pay two tickets for someone to be thrown into jail, who then has to stay there for 15 minutes or do something embarrassing (drawn from a bag) to get out right away?).  And the games?  What games?

I have less than 3 days to pull this planning off. With no clue how many people will be here (we’ve invited neighbors and other community people, and the high school & college kids will be home on home-leave, but lots of local church people are traveling because of Fall Break). 

Today my daughter and I are traveling to the big city to do shopping,  We’ll add to/modify/clarify the list while we drive.  Hopefully there won’t be any glaring omissions.  Tomorrow Prince Farming gets to have "free labor" in cleaning up stuff that I think lends itself to the character of a barn (I’m not talking about manure here – that would need to be cleaned up.  There is old lumber and things I’m sure I haven’t even noticed yet that Prince Farming would like to have dealt with).  But that was part of the deal.   Luckily the kids are on Fall Break, so they get to participate in the Thursday drill.

My outrageous 3 weeks are almost over.  I’ll be able to report with sanity (at least the usual level) starting next week. 

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!



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10 Responses to “BWD (Blog Withdrawal Disorder)”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I was over at Twisted Fencepost reading her Halloween story and thought I would go visit some of the contributors to the story, so here I am. I am enjoying my visit to your blog. (Love what they did to your mailbox.) I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. Becky Says:

    The mailbox is adorable!
    How about horse shoes, badmitten, pumpkin decorating…I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.
    I’m sure it will be a success. Anything is successful when you spend too much time fretting over it. I know from experience.
    Good luck!!!

  3. hayseed Says:

    bobbing for apples!

  4. Angel Says:

    corn hole. That’s a farm game. Well, at least city people think so. Horse shoes. That’s what we always played on the farm. Bonfire – with marshmallows. Naturally. Don’t do the cow chip thing – that’s just nasty. Apple pie contest. Or a pie eating contest. Pie throwing contest – not cow pies. That’s just nasty. We always played Jarts. Ummm – there was also the watermelon seed spitting contest – but that’s only in the summer. Papaw always liked the log splitting contest – but that’s because his firewood ended up split for free – in the name of F-U-N. Or you could just hang out. Less stress. One year teams were given piles of junk and given one hour to build something out of it. Dangerous – but intertaining. Prince Farming and you are creative – I am sure it will be great. Nice invites.

  5. Lady Fi Says:

    WOW – a barn party! Great fun – but exhausting when you are hosting yourself!

    Apple bobbing is always fun… what about having a three-legged race, and running with boiled eggs or potatoes on the spoon in a race.

    Have fun! I’m sure everyone will have a great time!

  6. Louise Says:

    I would so much rather have a Barn Party at my house than put on the Fall Festival for the school. Or actually, I would so much rather COME to your Barn Party. Maybe I can use travel for avoidance!

  7. Louise Says:

    Oh, I almost forgot the mailbox! Really creative. Can’t believe someone else did that!

  8. Bruce Says:

    Ow yeah….I got your lists…I got a bunch of them…I can send you a few if you run out of your own.

  9. Angel Says:

    BTW – even Will laughed at this one. Clever neighbors. Thank them for me.

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