Bags. And Bags.

 Salt Lake City – HERE I AM!! (will insert picture later).  It’s HOT but not as humid as home.  There are 5,600 crazy people registered to be at this convention, at least 75% of them were at the Salt Palace, standing in line before 8:30am.  They are INSANE (I can say that, because I was there to see them standing in line). 

The attraction?  Getting the new (and can I add totally cool, amazing, and stylish) convention bag (shoulder bag – not the normal backpack) with the . . . .<<<drum roll>>>> new Stampin’Up! Idea Book & Catalog.  Not to mention the three new stamp sets (one awesome, one good, and one okay). 

That was ONE line.  THEN there were people in another line to buy STUFF (these people know how to market: Supply/demand – limited edition – can only purchase these here and now etc).  In the past "Momento Mall" has run out of some supplies, which makes those things even more desireable to everyone else (actually – more desireable to the people who got to buy them too).  Last year (I think) they ran out of . . . don’t know what they were . . . maybe rings with ribbon samples on them? . . . And I didn’t get any.  I’ll bet there are 60 bazilion of those rings lying in people’s stamp rooms collecting dust.  They’re totally useless now because all that ribbon is probably retired already.  And so it goes, year after year.  But this year they have a very practical (and cute, organizational <<read "essential">>) project tote with pockets for cards, scissors, ink pads, and every other conceivable supply you’ll need for a stamping project.  And it’s CUTE.  And PRACTICAL.  And everyone NEEDS one.  NOW.  Those twenty old junky bags from previous conventions, leadership events, and manager’s retreats are totally useless and impractical.  Don’t you agree that everyone NEEDS one of these?

It comes with a very cute camera bag – of course my camera won’t fit in there – but Prince Farming’s probably will.  Or maybe I"ll need a new camera?  Oh – the possibilities. . .

Of course I couldn’t buy just ONE because what would happen if they RUN OUT??!?!?!? Oh, NO!!!

That’s because I’m such a good friend (read "sucker").  See, Louise will definitely need one.  As will Amber.  And we don’t want them to be disappointed now, do we?

Not sure what it is about girls and bags.  As if a convention bag and a tote aren’t enough, the prize for being in the top 100 consultants in the company ("Founder’s Circle") is. . . <<<<drum roll again>>>>……

A VERY desireable and amazingly incredible PINK LEATHER BAG.  And my client patient friend techno-geek resource person Amy was the proud (and emotional) recipient of one of these very limited edition specimens.  CONGRATULATIONS AMY! 

So the Bag got a bag.  yadda yadda yadda.  Unfortunately, along with the bag, she gets an all-expenses trip for a week to a spa in Utah somewhere.  And since she HATES to be touched (no touchy) – I’ll have to take her place.  Someone’s got to do it.  And she owes me for her amazing success.  She couldn’t have done it without me.  It’s my wisdom, coaching, persuasive cheerleading that has talked her off the ledge on multiple occassions to get her that stupid bag.  So the trip is MINE I tell you.  SHE OWES ME. (We’ll just forget about that minor detail of her taking me on two Stampin’ cruises in the past.  I don’t remember Mexico OR Bermuda.)

I’ll let you know how that turns out.  In the mean time, Amy wins as most stylish bag lady.

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3 Responses to “Bags. And Bags.”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Why yes, that’s one smoking hot bag lady :) Say hi to Amy for me, from her Canadian friend who stayed behind this year. Boohoooohooooooooo…..

  2. Louise Says:

    And you KNOW Louise appreciates that bag!

    And I use my ribbon thingy all the time. I didn’t get one, but a VERY NICE downline gave me one of hers last year, and I have a whole set of keys on it that is for a specific place. I love it! Those other people whose are collecting dust are just silly.

    I thought 2 stamps sets were awesome and one was OK. And the OK one was necessary, so who was I to complain?

    And did you know I don’t like blue? So THE bag isn’t “me” at all. I got it more for practical purposes–when I leave my house and actually stamp for fun.

  3. Deirdre Says:

    Caroline – sorry you missed convention. It was one of the best ones, I think.

    Louise – they should have made a magenta option for you, I think. Or green. that would have been better. The stamp sets have grown on me. I’m happy with all of them. So glad for you that you have one of those STUPID ribbon things (obviously I didn’t get one).

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